Access cards and keys

Last changed: 10 January 2022

Access cards

Access to Ulls house via the academic entrance and the main entrance is subject to the opening hours, which are the same as for the other campus buildings. During the evening, at night, at weekends and on public holidays and various bridging days (between a holiday and a weekend), access is controlled by the authorisations for cards. You will then need your personal PIN.

Access to other parts of Ulls hus is controlled by the authorisation for your access card.

Read more about employees’ access cards here (information from SLU Security's page on the staff web).

Students’ access to premises that are not open to everyone is also controlled by their passes. This varies depending on what course a student is studying.

The Service Centre can help you with a temporary pass if you need one.


All offices in Ulls hus can be locked with a key, the same key that you use to open the airing window in your office. All divisions and departments have the same lock system within the division/department but not between divisions/departments. These keys also open stores and other areas rented by the division/department. There is a lockable drawer unit (or a lockable drawer in the bookcase) in shared offices to lock valuables away.

Offices with staff with high security and secrecy demands have been equipped with code terminals on the doors instead of physical locks.

Service Ull can help you with extra keys or cylinder replacement. Make a request in the report handling system.