SET, Strategic External funding Team (Strategiskt Externfinansieringsteam)

Last changed: 01 April 2021

SET, Strategic External funding Team


SET should

  • Based on the faculties' strategic priorities, stimulate to more SLU-coordinated applications with a high success rate focusing on international research funding
  • Identify announcements and relevant competence within SLU
  • develop and promote coordination and synergy in the field of community surveillance and dialogue with research financiers and within SLU's proactive work
  • provide a basis for a transparent process in cases where prioritization of applications, projects and other initiatives is required
  • evaluate the activities of the research coordinators


SET consists of two representatives from respective faculty (research secretary and one faculty appointed representative), staff from Grants Office and SLU Global and the vice-chansellor of international relations. The chairman of SET is appointed within the group and the operational coordination is handled by a secretariat consisting of the chairman and staff from Grants Office. Additional resource persons can be added to SET as needed. The main part of the work within SET is performed in the framework of regular assignments and funding for the respective support function, researchers and faculty.


The faculties' EU team
At each facultiy there is a EU teams that coordinate the faculty's EU work, particularly funding and awareness. The EU team can assist scientists wishing to become members of EU financed projects.