Project proposals

Last changed: 08 November 2023

The project portfolio gives us who work with fundraising, donations and collaborations an overview of projects or research ideas at SLU that may be relevant to actively seek support for, and examples to highlight in the dialogue with potential donors and partners. Submit your ideas!

In the form below, you fill in information about the project, the infrastructure, position or similar that you think may be of interest to an private person, organization, foundation, etc. to finance or support in another way. 

All proposals are gathered in SLU's project portfolio, which is used as an information and contact base for SLU's fundraisers in our dialogue with donors and partners. Proposals that are extra interesting can be the subject of specific fundraising initiatives.

Keep in mind that the proposals must be of interest to someone outside SLU. A project or an initiative that can directly contribute to society at large or an area that is close to the donor's heart is often what interests donors. Describe the project in popular science so it is easy for a potential donor to understand what it is about.

More information about the work with fundraising and donations can be found here.


Anna Lehrman, Fundraiser, PhD
Vice-Chancellor's Office, +46 18 67 22 32, +46 70 930 63 90

Åsa Formo, Fundraiser
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science/Vice-Chancellor's Office
Tel: +46 18 67 25 70, +46 70 689 30 33