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Seminars and other activities

Lecture with Urban Sanden from GHAL here at SLU “How can we understand workplace conflicts?”, in Swedish, you can watch the lecture here.

Gender differences in how scientists present the importance of their research, with invited speaker Marc J. Lerchenmueller, Assistant Professor for Technological Innovation and Management Science at the University of Mannheim. Watch the presentation about "Gender differences..." here.

Body, Art and Resistance. Talk by Stina Wollter about the importance of finding new and more humane ideals, about change, freedom and resistance.
Read more here (in Swedish only)

Seminarium Gender equality in academic careers - from equal treatment to mainstreaming. Charlotte Silander, Linnéuniversity.
See seminar here as video or pdf (in Swedish).
Read more here

How do we work with diversity at SLU, how do we get better, and how can improve our awareness of the importance of diversity? Talk and workshop with Barakat Ghebrehavariat.

Consent and tea
Watch the movie translating initiating sex into offering someone a cup of tea: Consent and tea

The things we do not talk about
Seminar November 28  Thor Rutgersson came to Ultuna to talk about his co-authered book "Allt vi inte pratar om" (The things we do not talk about). There was a panel discussion with four invited males from the faculty talking about love, friendships, fears, sex, ego and weaknesses.

Equal Opportunities? Experiences from non-Swedish colleagues

Seminar 24 October. The aim of this seminar was to share experiences and learn from our fellow colleagues from other countries how we can integrate equality aspects into our everyday conduct for a sustainable and stimulating working environment. How can we become better at attracting and receiving non-Swedish colleagues?

Read about ideas from the seminar about how to better integrate non-swedish colleagues at SLU.

Vice-chancellor about #metoo
Read the vice-chancellors blog from November 16 2017 and January 18 2018.

Events held in Swedish are be posted only on the Swedish web page.


6 December Besatta teatern: Scandal! An explosive song-and-dance drama about the women who were and were not rewarded the Nobel Prize for physics, chemistry and medicine.Besatta Teatern addresses the obstacles that face ingenious women – past and present: opposition, exclusion, even disgrace. Of course they do it their own way, with humour, musicality and interactivity. Everything else would be a scandal.

Scandal picture of actors

Target group: All employees and students at campus Ultuna Organizers: NJ Faculty committee of Equal Opportunities and LikeU

14 June 2017 Lunch seminar for equal opportunities representatvives and prefects Topic: Gender Mainstreaming at SLU with Tina Sjöström Arranged by: NJ Faculty’s equal opportunities committee » PowerPoint from the seminari about Gender Mainstreaming (in Swedish) » Alignment document for Gender Mainstreaming 2017-2019, SLU (in Swedish)

10 February, 10 March & 5 April 2017 Lunch colloquia for doctoral supervisors Arranged by: Educational Development Unit » Flyer with more information

25 January 2017 Inspirational lecture about representation och diversity with Rättviseförmedlingen (Equalisters) Arranged by: LikeU and the NJ Faculty’s equal opportunities committee » Watch a video recording of the seminar (in Swedish)

An inspirational lecture about the importance of representation and portraying the society as it is, including all parts of the population. Rättviseförmedlingen presented what the consequences might be when organizations, companies and media fail to include equality and diversity in their work. And, gave examples where they succeed! Rättviseförmedlingen also shared the best tips of what we can do to increase diversity and equality in different contexts. Both in the long term, and what we can do today!


8 November 2016
Less stress - more energy
Arranged by: Division of Human Resources and Länshälsan
» More information about the lecture

22 September-12 October 2016
Information about salary setting dialogue (in Swedish)
Arranged by: Division of Human Resources and Saco-s
» Read more about the salary review process at SLU

22 June 2016 
End of semester meeting for EO representatives, prefects etc
- "Where have all the women gone?", Sönke Eggers, Dept of Ecology
» PowerPoint from Sönke’s presentation
- "Equal recruitment at SLU & An example of EO-activity", Faruk Djodjic, Dept of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment, 
» PowerPoint from Faruk’s presentation
- "JÄMIX equality index & working group for social work environment ", Caroline Uppling & Rikard Sundin, Swedish Species Information Centre
» PowerPoint from Caroline & Rikard’s presentation (in Swedish)

27 April 2016 
Gender equality at SLU: Past experiences and future challenges 
Seminar with Stina Powell, Dept of Urban and Rural Development 
Link to Stina's thesis Gender Equality and Meritocracy  
» Summary and PowerPoint from the seminar (in Swedish and English)

15 April 2016 
Women’s cattle ownership in Botswana. Rebranding gender relations? (Dissertation) 
Respondent: Andrea Petitt, Dept of Urban and Rural Development, SLU 
Link to the thesis:

14 April 2016 
Seminar: Gender and Animals 
Arranged by: the Division of Rural Development, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and the Centre for Gender Research, Uppsala University 
» More information

10 March 2016
Gender Equality and Meritocracy. Contradictory discourses in the academy (Disputation)
Respondent: Stina Powell, Dept of Urban and Rural Development, SLU
Link to the thesis:

27 January 2016
Equal Opportunities? What experiences do foreign PhD students, post docs and senior researchers have of Equal Opportunities at SLU?
Organised by: The VH Faculty's equal opportunities commitee
» More information and registration to the seminar


7 October 2015
Equal opportunities for all students? An afternoon about equality, inclusion and freedom of opinion
Participating speakers:
- Ida Östensson, Crossing Boarders Foundation - The equality effect
» Summary and PowerPoint from the seminar with Ida Östensson
» Video recording from the seminar with Ida Östensson (in Swedish)
- Ylva Eklind, Division of Educational Affairs, SLU - Equal opportunities for students at SLU
» Video recording from the seminar with Ylva Eklind (in Swedish)
- Per Sandin, Senior lecturer in bioethics and environmental ethics, SLU - Freedom of opinion and freedom of speech in practice 
» Summary of the seminar with Per Sandin

20 May 2015 
Summer meeting for equal opportunities representatives and heads of departments
- "Equality aspects and gender in future recruitment". Barbara Ekbom talked about the on going faculty project conducted by a researcher from Centre for gender research, Uppsala University.
- "The leaking pipe", Sönke Eggers
» PowerPoint from the seminar The leaking pipe
Two articles mentioned during the seminar:
» Women in Academic Science: A Changing Landscape
» How stereotypes impair women’s careers in science 

13 May 2015
Dare to question! (Våga ifrågasätta!)
A seminar about racism, prejudice and we and them mentality, with Mohammed Tuffaha from Expo
» Summary and PowerPoint from the seminar

8 April 2015 
Accessible teaching! 
Ylva Eklind, coordinator for students with disabilities, Division of Educational Affairs SLU
- How can we work pro-actively for equal opportunities in a way that will benefit all students? 
- How can teachers support students with an impairment?
- What does the current legislation require from us in terms of extended availability? 
- What are the students’ rights and responsibilities?
» Summary and PowerPoint from the seminar
Read more:
» Study with a disability
» Teaching students with an impairment

4 February 2015
Film: The Reunion (Återträffen) - followed by a discussion with the film's director Anna Odell
Anna Odell's film debut Återträffen won the audience award at Venice in 2013 and was awarded best film and best manuscript at Guldbaggegalan 2014. Story: Twenty years have passed since the class 9C left school. Now it's time for a class reunion. But the party atmosphere is interrupted when conflicts come to the surface, and old truths are questioned. A sharp analysis of leadership and hierarchies begins. The film illustrates and embodies the phenomena that take place between people where bullying occurs.


3 December 2014 
Gender thinking in images and norm critical image analysis, Tomas "The Gender Photographer" Gunnarsson
- Based on examples from the media, advertising and art Tomas describes how images can perpetuate narrow gender roles that limit us - or how they can liberate and create new ways of looking at ourselves and others. 
» Read more about The Gender Photographer (in Swedish)

24 September 2014
"Women, men and the rest of us", Claes Schmidt aka Sara Lund
- An entertaining lecture about the norms and values ​​that govern our lives and prevents us from thinking logically. The lecture is a mixture of humour and seriousness, fact and fiction, inspiration and experience, with the aim to update and broaden our thinking. 
» Read more about Claes Schmidt/Sara Lund (in Swedish)

18 June 2014
Stress - cause and effect : What’s the hen and what’s the egg? Anitha Kiianlinna, Sensus studieförbund
» PowerPoint from seminar (in Swedish)
» Summary of seminar 
» Check list - stress at work (in Swedish)
More links related to stress and work environment can be found in the right hand column

5 February 2014
10 suggestions to increase availability (in Swedish), SFS (The Swedish National Union of Students)
» Summary of seminar

29 January 2014
Salary Surveys (Lönekartläggningar)Monica Östman, Human Resources, SLU. 
» PowerPoint and summary from seminar (in Swedish)


27 November 2013 
Follow up of the wage dialogue and the professional development dialogue - from an employee perspective, Niklas Lång, Noden
» PowerPoint from seminar

6 November 2013
The wage dialogue “lönesamtalet” – an important equal opportunities question - how does the wage dialogue work today? And how can it be improved?, Dan Åkhagen and Cecilia Mårtas, Human Resources SLU
» Summary of seminar
» PowerPoint from seminar (in Swedish)


5 December 2012
Theme: Meeting with the Equal opportunities representative, heads of departments and those responsible for the work environment within the NL faculty

7 November 2012
Theme: Equal opportunities – also regarding the students?
Participants: The student union

24 October 2012
Course on working environment issues 
Organiser:Monica Östman

10 October 2012
Equal opportunities day with theme: Exclusion, language barriers and other obstacles that may occur in the work place.
Participants: interactive theatre group

26 September 2012
Equal opportunities day with Clas Borgström

OBS! On March 8 SLU will organise activities due to International Women’s Day. 


Equal Opportunities administrator

Malin Ekström,, +4618671015, +46730831465

Equal Opportunities Committee


Johanna Bergman Lodin, chair, department of urban and rural development,

Linley Chiwona Karltun, department of urban and rural development,

Karin Eklöf, department of aquatic sciences and assessment,

Matthew Low, department of ecology,

Aurélien Saghai, department of forest mycology,

Two student representatives from Sluss.