Invoice management in Proceedo

Last changed: 02 November 2021

SLU manage the supplier invoices in Proceedo – the same system as we use for e-purchases.

Manage invoices in Proceedo

The invoice flow:

The invoice flow in Proceedo. Flow chart with symbols of roles/objects and description of events. The invoice (a white document) arrives, the Invoice reviewer (a magnifying glass over a white document) review the invoice, the Financial administrator (a gray and black calculator) adjusts the accounting, the Approver (a green


Three people /roles are involved in the invoice flow:

  • The invoice reviewer (the purchaser) verifies that the invoice is consistent with order, delivery and price as well as specifying cost center, project and what the purchase concerns.
  • The financial administrator specifies the cost account, may adjust any other accounting, and performs checks to ensure compliance with applicable regulations.
  • The approver approves (authorizes) the invoice and takes the financial responsibility for the transaction. Payment will then be sent to the bank.


Manuals and mini-seminars

At the page Manuals and e-guides you will find manuals and mini-seminars that describe how to process an invoice in Proceedo.

Learn how to use the system in three minutes

Proceedo in three minutes - invoice management

Click on the links (headlines) below and learn to use Proceedo in three minutes!

Invoice processing for reviewers

This film is aimed for Invoice reviewers - that is, those who have made a purchase and received an invoice. In three minutes you will see how to process an invoice in Proceedo.


Invoice processing for approvers (authorisers)

This film is aimed for Approvers - that is, those who authorise payment of invoices. In three minutes you will see how to process an invoice in Proceedo.

Log in

Go to the Proceedo portal to log in. User name and password is the same as your AD-credentials.


As from 11 April 2018, SLU uses Proceedo as supplier invoice management system. Before that, SLU had a PaletteArena as supplier invoice management system. To find invoices before April 2018, you have to go into Palette, see the Invoice archive PaletteArena.