The purchase and invoice system Proceedo

Last changed: 31 July 2020

Proceedo is SLU’s system for making purchases and managing supplier invoices.

The principal rule is that all orders shall be made in Proceedo, when possible. By making the purcahses in Proceedo, we ensure that SLU complies with existing agreements and the cost will be approved before the purchase is made.

The order and invoice flow in Proceedo

  • The purchaser (only in the order flow) creates a requisition as a shopping cart with items and sets instructions for delivery, accounting values etc for the requisition.

  • The financial administrator checks and adjusts the accounting of the requisition in the order flow, and performs the accounting for the invoices in the invoice flow.

  • The approver approves (authorises) the requisition and the invoice in each flow. When a requisition is approved, an order will be sent to the supplier and after approval of an invoice, the payment will be sent to the bank.

  • The purchaser (only in the order flow) confirms delivery when the goods has arrived or the service has been performed.

  • The invoice reviewer (only in the invoice flow) is the person who made the order and checks that the invoice is in accordance with order, delivery and price, as well as specifying cost center, project and what the purchase concerns.
The order flow



The invoice flow


If the invoice belongs to an order in Proceedo, the cost has already been authorised. When the invoice arrives, it will therefore be paid directly, provided that the delivery confirmation is registered for the order and the invoice is in accordance with the ordered quantity and price.



Log in via the Proceedo portal

Go to the Proceedo portal to log in to Proceedo. At the Proceedo portal you will also find information from the support and links to other pages.


Educational material

At the page Manuals and e-guides you will find manuals and mini-seminars.

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