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Last changed: 10 August 2022
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The Division of Financial Administration is in charge of payments, financial accounting and purchasing and procurement.

Our objectives include safeguarding reliable and correct accounting and efficient and secure purchasing processes and financial processes.

Our goal is to provide the prerequisites for SLU to manage its financial resources in a responsible manner.

Our tools for achieving this include clear rules for financial administration, purchasing and procurement, an appropriate accounting model and well-functioning financial administration systems and e-ordering systems. 


The division consists of:

Head of Financial Administration Sven Carlsson

Purchasing and Procurement Unit

About the Purchasing and Procurement Unit

The Purchasing and Procurement Unit has the strategic and coordinating responsibility for procurements and purchases that involve larger amounts. The unit is SLU’s commercial expert, and the procurers act as project managers for larger procurements.

The unit also initiates coordinated procurements in fields where this results in increased cost effectiveness for SLU, and it monitors the regulatory framework and informs staff about processes, rules and agreements. The unit handles all procurements above the so-called threshold for EU-wide procurements. The unit also offers support and advice in connection with other purchases and procurements.


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Purchasing and Procurement


Employees at the Purchasing and Procurement Unit

Linnea Egnell Purchasing assistant
Emilia Sahlström Procurement Officer
Rebecca Karlsson Purchasing assistant
Therése Aspén Procurement Officer
Henning Richardsson Head of Procurement
Hanna Spångberg  Procurement Officer
Loi Diep Procurement Officer

Accounting Unit

About the Accounting Unit

The Accounting Unit is responsible for general accounting questions, information about financial procedures, the financial procedures manual, VAT questions, financial allocations to the faculties, transfer payments, fixed assets and internal control and follow-ups.


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General accounting
Importing accounting files to UBW 


Employees at the Accounting Unit

Christina Andersson   Accountant
Petter Bremer   Financial Officer
Åsa Cervin Hedfors  Chief Accountant
Olof Jonsson Accountant
Ann-Louise Munther Controller
Jenny Sandell Accountant
Evelina Thorsell Controller
Carl-Stefan Von Engeström  Controller
Petra Westholm Accountant
Carina Wadberg External contracts
Åsa Laurén External contracts

Ledgers Unit

About the Ledgers Unit

The Ledgers Unit's main task is managing payments to and from SLU.

The unit

  • is responsible for payments out and support regarding supplier invoices and access rights in Proceedo*.

  • provides specific support to the University administration (UA) and the SLU University Library by assisting with supplier and customer invoices.

  • is responsible for invoicing out, payments in and collection cases.

  • registers fixed assets and adds new clients and suppliers in Unit4 Business World (UBW).

  • handles projects and external grant agreements.

* Proceedo is SLU's system for making purchases and managing supplier invoices.


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Proceedo, payments from SLU
Fixed assets
Adding new clients, payments to SLU
Projects and external grant agreements


Employees at the Ledgers Unit

Yasemin Asker Financial Administrator (Division of Facility Management support, invoices - suppliers)
Mesumbe Donatus Ekaney Financial Administrator (Invoices - suppliers, payments in)
Anette Danielsson Financial Administrator (Invoices - suppliers)
Pascale Hannouch Financial Administrator (Division of Services, Security and Enivironment support)
Danja Holzschuh Financial Administrator (Invoicing out, payments in and collection cases)
Roger Jansson Financial Administrator (Invoicing out, payments in and collection cases)
Malin Kling Financial Administrator (fixed assets and Division of IT support and library)
Susanne Levander Financial Administrator (Division of Estate Management support)

Systems Unit

About the Systems Unit

The Systems Unit is responsible for procuring, managing, developing and maintaining the financial administration system Unit4 Business World (UBW) and the purchase and invoice system Proceedo.

As system manager, the unit is responsible for providing support on all aspects of using and running the above systems. They are also in charge of records maintenance and developing new reports in Agresso. Finally, the unit runs a user support function in the form of phone and email support, user manuals and electronic guides.



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  • Management and operation of the systems, UBW and Proceedo
  • Technical Problems in the above system.


Employees at the Systems Unit

Fredrik Langell Financial Systems Manager
Erica Löfgren Financial Systems Manager
Anita Olofsson Financial Systems Manager