Supplier invoices

Last changed: 10 August 2022

SLU has electronic managemant of supplier invoices. Electronic management means that all supplier invoices are sent electronically into a system and then processed in the system.SLU uses the system Proceedo for electronic management of supplier invoices.

There is a legal requirement that all purchases in the public sector must be invoiced by e-invoice. This means that all suppliers must send electronic invoices when invoicing SLU for purchases

Go to the page Sending and receiving invoices for more information on how SLU receive invoices.


The invoice management system

As from 11 April 2018, SLU uses Proceedo as supplier invoice management system.

Before that, SLU had PaletteArena as supplier invoice management system. The PaletteArena system is now only used for searching invoices received before the change.

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Payment of supplier invoices

After the invoice has been autorised, the information is transferred to the ERP system Unit4 Business World (UBW). From there, the payments are sent to the bank.