Support Proceedo

Last changed: 10 August 2022

Do you need help with Proceedo? Use our manuals or contact the direct support.


First and foremost, read the information contained in the Proceedo manuals:

  • Manual for ordering in Proceedo
  • Manual for reviewing invoices in Proceedo
  • Manual for approval (authorising) in Proceedo

The manuals are available on the page Manuals and e-guides in Proceedo.

If your question is not answered in any of the manuals, please use the direct support.


Direct support

If your question concerns processing of orders or invoices in the system, first contact your financial administrator, second the following support channels.

You use different support adresses depending on your problem/question:


Supplier invoices and authorizations

System issues

System issues regarding "requisitions/ ordering" are sent and system issues regarding invoice processing and authorizations are sent to