Doctoral education (Forest Faculty)

Last changed: 24 November 2023

Information specifically related to doctoral education at the Faculty of Forest Sciences. All other information can be found on SLU's central website:

Doctoral education

Application for approval of doctoral education course

The application for approval of a doctoral education course should be sent to the registrar at the S-Faculty.

The course should be announced six months in advance via Ladok by creating a course instance; this is done by the administrator at the department.

The Silva Graduate School also advertises the course on its website and through the doctoral students' mailing lists and other relevant lists, both within and outside SLU.

All participants in the course are linked to the course in Ladok. Doctoral students from institutions other than SLU who are to be enrolled before the course starts are registered with:

  • name
  • gender
  • personal identification number/date of birth
  • university or equivalent
  • national residency

to the administrator at the department offering the course. The administrator seeks Ladok support to establish the participants in Ladok for result reporting. This should be done a week before the course starts.

Reporting of results

Approved participants are reported in Ladok. If a student needs a certificate, the valid document is a result certificate from Ladok.

Courses should be evaluated after completion, and a compilation should be attached to the reimbursement form submitted to the faculty economist.


The first time a course is conducted, a planning grant of 50,000 SEK is provided. Thereafter, a development grant of 20,000 SEK is provided the next time the course is conducted. Planning grants and reimbursement for students who have taken the course are requested from the faculty after the course is completed. For the planning grant to be provided, the course must have at least 5 participants who complete the course. Reimbursement is provided for all participants, where at least 50% come from the faculty and for a maximum of 30 participants.

  • Form "Application for reimbursement for doctoral education course"

Reimbursement from the faculty is not provided for so-called basic courses. These are funded by the Council for Doctoral Education (FUR).

Another possibility to finance courses is through the NOVA University Network.