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Stipends and funds at the Faculty of Forest Sciences


Application period March 1–31 2024

Applications are now open (until March 31) for the following funds:

Albert N. Cedergren Travel Support Fund
Anna-Britta and Vadim Söderström Travel Scholarship Fund
Edlund Brothers Donation Fund
Fund for Forest Science Research
Tor Jonsson Memorial Fund
Former Students Scholarship Fund
Magda and Folke Carlsson Scholarship Fund
Nils Delin Scholarship Fund
Skandia Scholarship Fund
Torsten Wangenberg Scholarship Fund
Wilhelm Smitt Scholarship Fund

Apply here

  • Find scholarships you are interested in.
  • You can apply for multiple scholarships within the same call period. The chances of being awarded a scholarship are not adversely affected by you applying for multiple scholarships.
  • Start preparing well in advance. Most scholarships at SLU are awarded once a year. If you miss your application deadline, you will have to wait an entire year before you can apply again.
  • Spend time on your scholarship application and remember to include any attachments requested.

Funds and Stipends

Here you can find all information about the available resources to apply for from the faculty's funds and scholarships, as well as how to apply.


Honorary Doctors

Who should be honoured this year? Read more and leave your suggestion.

Published: 21 February 2023 - Page editor: internkommunikation@slu.se