Faculty organisation

Last changed: 22 September 2023

The term faculty is within SLU, a collective name for the organisational units for which the faculty committee is responsible.

The faculty committee leads the faculty. The chairman of the faculty committee is the dean, who has powers and responsibilities to the extent that the faculty committee delegates to its chairman. The dean also has powers and duties as manager between the vice-chancellor and heads of departments to the extent the vice-chancellor decides.

There are also several boards, committees, and councils which are advisory and preparatory bodies to the faculty board and which, through delegation, have received certain decision-making rights within their areas of responsibility.

As support to the dean, there is a deputy, a vice-chairman of the faculty committee, and as many vice deans as the faculty committee has decided to appoint.

The division of responsibilities within the faculty appears in the faculty's delegation of authority.

Governing documents

SLU is an authority and is therefore governed by the government. Governance is exercised through external governing documents such as laws, assignments, public service agreements, and contracts.

There are internal governing documents to put the government's intentions into practice. They are used for operational and financial management. Examples of internal governing documents are operational plans and delegation of authorities.