Equal opportunities

Last changed: 04 April 2018

Increased diversity and equality is something beneficial to everyone. The purpose of the Equal opportunity work is for everybody to feel comfortable and welcome regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, religion or belief or disability.

Among other things the SLU personnel policy says: 'The human being is the most important resource for the SLU so that we can make our university's vision and goals come true. The principle of sustainable use also has its relevance in the working career.' 

All work promoting equality and diversity is gathered under the title Equal opportunities and includes both staff and students at SLU. The work is conducted at three levels: central, the faculty and at the department. We have also chosen to cooperate as much as possible within the MVM-Center.

Past events

On 26th of September 2012 the NL faculty committee for Equal opportunities arranged an inspiring lecture by Claes Borgström for all employees of NL faculty. Claes Borgström is a lawyer and was Sweden's Equality Ombudsman (JämO) between the years 2000-2007.

10th of October 2012
, there was an interactive theater performance in English with the theme: Alienation and isolation. About linguistic and other barriers that may exist at work.



Equal opportunities contacts

Department of Energy and Technology:
Equal opportunity delegate at the department: Maria Bywall
Equal opportunity responsible at the department: Per-Anders Hansson

Department of Soil and Evironment:
Equal opportunity delegate at the department: Anna Mårtensson
Equal opportunity responsible at the department: Håkan Marstorp 

Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment:
Equal opportunity delegates at the department: Maria Kahlert and Lars Sonesten
Equal opportunity responsible at the department: Willem Goedkoop


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