Cluster Choir welcomed spring

Last changed: 04 April 2018

Finally spring has be welcomed - even in the MVM building! A nice iniative by one of the section leaders at Aquatic Sciences and Assessment, Jens Fölster.

The Cluster Choir rarely gives any concerts, only about twice a year - in the spring and at Lucia. On May 3rd 2013 the employees at the MVM building had the chance to listen to the lovely voices. The choir has only practiced three times this year! In spite of that, the concert was most professional. 

Jens Fölster, not only the initiator but also choir master, could really carry the tune in an unusual arrangement. On top of this, the Choir Master got his own musical celebration with the Swedish birthday song 'Ja, må han leva...' as his 50th birthday recently passed.


The Cluster Choir welcomed the spring with songs. Those of us who didn't sing had icecream.

Film: Maria Bywall
Text: Ulrika Hurtig


Mats Linde
Intendent at the MVM center (MVM), intendentur, 018-671273