How do we handle our waste?

Last changed: 02 June 2020

The Departments in the MVM building handle their waste in common. The waste is sorted into different fractions.

Hazardous waste

Hazardous waste require special permits for handling and transport:

  • Radioactive waste is handled by qualified personnel according to regulations from the Radiation Protection Authority.
  •  Chemical waste is collected in the room for hazardous waste, A3078, until it is transported away. Liquid waste from laboratories are stored in separate, approved containers. The waste is packaged, labeled, and retrieved by Svenska miljöhjälpen or Ragn-Sells.
  • Electronic waste - except for computers, monitors and cell phones - is collected in a special container for hazardous waste in room A3078.
  • Computers, monitors and mobiles are handled according to instructions from the SLU IT department, ie, equipment is stored in IT coordinators utility room, room A1100.
  • Batteries and bulbs are collected in special containers in the recycling room, A3084.
  • Fluorescent lamps and waste that can cause stabbing and cuttingis collected in special containers in the room for hazardous waste, A3078. SLU Service retrieves these on order.

Conventional waste

  • Organic, plastic, glass, metal and combustible waste is sorted in the lunch room. Bins for organic waste are also available near the coffe machines, and close to the fruit baskets at floor 4.
  • Recycled paper and plastic and paper packaging is sorted in special containers by the copying machines in the building.
  • Combustible waste and recycled paper is sorted in the officesThe cleaning staff takes care of the combustible waste sorted into bins. The boxes with recycled paper is emptied by each and every one in barrels by the copying machines.
  • Toner cartridges are collected in a special container in the goods reception, A3080, and then returned.

Hazardous waste is:

  • radioactive waste (classified as special waste)
  • chemical waste
  • electrical appliances, electronic scrap
  • computers, monitors, cell phones
  • batteries
  • bulbs
  • fluorescent lamps
  • waste that can cause stabbing and cutting

Conventional waste is

  • recycled paper
  • paper packaging
  • colored andcolorless glasspackaging
  • soft plastic
  • metal
  • organic waste
  • combustible
  • toner cartridges