Printers and copy machines

Last changed: 04 April 2018

There are 13 printer-copiers in the local network in the MVM building. These belong to SLU Print and have a combined copy-print. The may be used for employees as well as students.

Printer copier
The printers are also copy machines as well as scanners. (Photo: Ulrika Hurtig)

The SLU IT Department is responsible for the SLU Print. The IT Department makes sure that the machines get service, that copy paper is delivered to the building, changes toner in the machines and takes care of error reporting. The caretaker deliveres paper to the machines.

When reporting errors you must state...

  • username
  • mobile phone number (for students)
  • name of machine (on the label at the front of each machine)
  • time
  • symptoms of the error

 Name of printer copy machine
This machines's name is SLU000041 and it is placed at the Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment. (Photo: Ulrika Hurtig)



Mats Linde
Intendent at the MVM center (MVM), intendentur, 018-671273