The caretaker

Last changed: 01 November 2021

On floor 3 you will find the caretaker of the MVM building, Ronald Rodríguez.

What is the caretaker responsible for? 

  • Postal mail (delivery and collecting; registered letters) and parcels
  • Receiving of goods
  • Occasional deliveries, bring correct customer no#
  • Lamination
  • Bindings (price approx. 3,50/binding; higher price for broader binder)
  • Fragile goods
  • Card holders to key cards
  • Replacing lamps and fluorescent lamps
  • Emptying of waste papercontainers
  • Filling of copy paper (No service of copiers!)
  • Checking and replacing the gas (argon)
  • Storageof hazardous waste and ordering of removal
  • Storage of electronic waste (Notcomputers!)
  • Refilling of first aidequipment
  • Ordering of coffee, tea etc to coffeemachines
  • Cleaning the whiteboards in the meeting rooms
  • Distribution of fruit
  • Moving of furniture (minor work)

You are welcome to...

  • pump your bicycle tires
  • blow clean your equipment
  • shower your equipment
  • dry your equipment in the drying cupboard

Postal routines (approx. hours):

  • 9 am: Collecting of postal mail
  • 10 am: Delivering of posta mail
  • 10 - 11 am : Delivering of parcels
  • 2 pm: Collecting of postal mail





One important responsibility is the hazardous waste. There is a special room where this is collected. 

Signs for hazardous waste
This is where the hazardous waste is kept before it is transported away. (Photo: Ulrika Hurtig)

The hazardous waste, chemical waste and electronical waste (except computer equipment), for instance, is collected in this room.

Hasse inside the room for hazardous waste
Hasse is inside the room for hazardous waste. The huge wooden box in the front is where you throw away electronicwaste. (Photo: Ulrika Hurtig)

Every department has it's own plastic boxes for hazardous waste. You must also write down what you throw away on a list, so that the persons collecting the waste know how to handle it.

Boxes for hazardous waste
The different Departments have their own boxes for hazardous waste. Don't forget to write down what you throw away! (Photo: Ulrika Hurtig)

Just outside the room for hazardous waste there is compressed air for blow cleaning your equipment or pumping your bicycle tires. According to Ronald you can also pump car tires. There is a shower for wet cleaning your field equipment, like shovels and boots. In the heating cupboard you can dry your wet boots and clothes.

Shower for equipment
Shower for field equipment. (Photo: Ulrika Hurtig)

At the caretaker's you'll also find the goods reception. Here the caretakers receive goods, check the goods for damages, sign for the goods and make sure that it is delivered to the correct recipiant in the building.