Last changed: 01 November 2021

IT Support in the MVM-house

The three departments in the house have different IT-Support solutions. Aquatic Sciences and Assessment and Energy and Technology have internal systems administrators, Herman Paz and Sven Smårs. Soil and Environment have support from SLU IT-Support by Fredrik Åkerfeldt and Oskar Andersson.

They support all issues concering work computers and software. They also cooperate with the SLU IT Department.

They don't, however, give EPiServer support. (EpiServer is our webtool), SLU-print printers and copiers, Computer rooms and computers in the computer rooms. These issues are handled by IT-stöd.

The Systems administrators give the following support:

  • Help out with problems concerning operating systems and standard software. (Also mediate contacts between less experienced and experienced users of software.)
  • Purchase of computers and other IT equipment.
  • Installations.
  • Security issues concering IT (for instance security updates, monitoring of anti-virus protection, guest network and such.)
  • Server hosting and back up.
  • The laboratory system LIMS which is being set up at Aquatic Sciences and Assessment and Soil and Environment. 


Contact for the different Departments

The Department of Energy and Technology:
Sven Smårs short number 2633,

The Department of Soil and Environment:

The Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment:
Herman Paz short number 3130,


Mats Linde
Intendent at the MVM center (MVM), intendentur, 018-671273