Equal opportunities at the NJ Faculty

Last changed: 04 October 2023

The NJ Faculty strives for gender equality and equal opportunities for all students and staff.

Gender equality and equal opportunities is to be achieved by gender mainstreaming and in accordance with the Discrimination Act's requirements for preventive active measures. This applies to the faculty as well as SLU as a whole.

All students and staff should have the same rights and obligations regardless of the seven grounds of discrimination in the Discrimination Act:

  • sex
  • transgender identity or expression
  • ethnicity  
  • religion or other belief
  • disability
  • sexual orientation
  • age

What can you do in the events of harassments?

The vice-chancellor is ultimately responsible for making sure that the university complies with the Discrimination Act. All managers and supervisors are obligated to make sure that any cases of harassment are investigated and acted upon. It is the responsibility of all staff to maintain a working environment free of any form of discrimination.

Here you can find more information that describes:

  • What constitutes discrimination and harassment?
  • How you as an employee can report harassment, sexual harassment and reprisals
  • Reporting harassment – for students
  • If you have seen anybody else being victimised

Are you a manager and in need of support?

All faculties have an equal opportunities administrative officer employed. The equal opportunities officer is to provide support to managers regarding both strategic and operational measures in order to achieve gender equality and equal opportunities.

Contact information for the NJ faculty's Equal Opportunities Officer can be found at the bottom of this page.

Every department have a collaboration group. The collaboration group conducts systematic work environment management based both on the Occupational Safety and Health Act and the Discrimination Act. SLU has a course for collaboration groups. The purpose with this training is to demonstrate practical ways of combining both work environment and equal opportunity efforts that facilitate them both. The course is aimed at groups that have begun systematic work environment management and can be given both in Swedish and in English. The course is 3 hours and can be held online or physically on site. If you want to book a course for your collaboration group contact your local HR specialist.

SLU's general web pages and documents regarding gender equality and equal opportunities

Active measures is the concept for the systematic and preventive work that the Discrimination Act requires. Departments can coordinate the active measures work with their systematic work environment work.

Gender mainstreaming is a strategy for achieving Sweden's gender equality policy goals and means that gender equality must be taken into account in all processes and decisions. The government has assigned SLU and all other Swedish higher education institutions a mission to work for increased gender equality through gender mainstreaming.

Here are links to web pages and documents that describe:

NJ Faculty’s Committee for equal opportunities

The Committee for Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities is the faculty’s information and planning forum for systematic work with gender equality and equal opportunities. Under contact information below you find a list of the NJ Faculty’s equal opportunities committee members (link to decision).

Each department has a contact person for matters related to gender equality and equal opportunities. They can forward any questions to the committee. Ask your head of department for the name of the contact person at your department.

Are you a student that would like to raise an issue with the gender equality and equal opportunities committee? If the answer is yes, contact your student union or the PhD Student Council.

Apply for JLV funding

The Committee for gender equality and equal opportunities announces funds for efforts to promote equal opportunities at the University. Both students and staff are welcome to apply for funds. Applications can be made throughout the year.

By providing staff and students with the chance to apply for funding, the Faculty via its JLV committee can draw on the dedication around the organisation and help students and staff to realise their ideas. The activities that result from the funding offer a great contribution to an employer’s and education provider’s statutory work with gender equality and equal opportunities.

For more information and instructions on how to apply, read more here

Other documents

New equal opportunities representative?

Do you have a new equal opportunities representative at your department or unit? Please contact us (lv-nj@slu.se) so we can send information and invitations to the right person.

Recorded lectures and events archive

Recorded lectures that have been arranged by the faculty’s committee for gender equality and equal opportunities. They can also be used in the departments own proactive work, for example as a joint watching followed by discussion and reflection during a department meeting. If you need help on how to use the films, please contact the equal opportunities officer, contact information below.

Lecture about masculinity norms and gender equality with Adam Kero from MÄN. The lecture has been recorded and you can watch it here.

Lecture with Qaisar Mahmood about diversity, you can read more about the lecture here. You can watch the lecture here.

Lecture with Urban Sanden from GHAL here at SLU “How can we understand workplace conflicts?”, in Swedish, you can watch the lecture here.

Gender differences in how scientists present the importance of their research, with invited speaker Marc J. Lerchenmueller, Assistant Professor for Technological Innovation and Management Science at the University of Mannheim. Watch the presentation about "Gender differences..." here.

Events archive 2012-2020

Suggestions for us on what events to arrange?

Do you have suggestions about activities you want us to arrange or information that should be available on this web page, please contact us at lv-nj@slu.se.


The Equal Opportunities committee has a collection of books and other literature. They are kept in the reference library in the Ecology center (F-corridor, Ulls väg 16). Everybody is welcome to read the literature, if you would like to bring a book home, please contact the librarian Karin Eriksson. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have ideas of any literature we should keep.

Literature list

Gender Equality and Meritocracy by Stina Powell

Doctoral thesis: Women´s Cattle Ownership in Botswana by Andrea Petit

Doctoral thesis: Doing Gender (in) Equality in Swedish Family Farming by Elias Andersson

We also have plenty of books and other literature in Swedish (see Swedish page).


Equal Opportunities administrator

Malin Ekström, malin.ekstrom@slu.se, +4618671015, +46730831465

Equal Opportunities Committee

Email: lv-nj@slu.se

Johanna Bergman Lodin, chair, department of urban and rural development, johanna.bergman.lodin@slu.se

Linley Chiwona Karltun, department of urban and rural development, linley.chiwona.karltun@slu.se

Karin Eklöf, department of aquatic sciences and assessment, karin.eklof@slu.se

Matthew Low, department of ecology, matthew.low@slu.se

Aurélien Saghai, department of forest mycology, aurelien.saghai@slu.se

Two student representatives from Sluss.