Letter of intent for an attractive, equal and inclusive work and study environment in the green sector

Last changed: 30 January 2024

This letter of intent demonstrates our shared vision of gender-equal and fair study environments and workplaces in the green sector, drawing upon systematic work environment management intended for this purpose. We define the green sector as comprising forestry, agriculture and horticulture, livestock husbandry, veterinary science, hunting, reindeer herding, fishing and aquaculture.

1.   Vision

A green sector with world-leading, attractive, equal and inclusive work and study environments.

2.   Purpose

The aim of this letter of intent is to improve the green sector’s social and organisational work and study environments. The intention is to offer gender-equal workplaces and study environments to students and professionals belonging to the green sector.

3.   Objective

The green sector will be a place of work and study where everyone feels included, safe and welcome. We will achieve this by:

  • working actively to create attractive study and working conditions, characterised by gender equality and equal opportunities;
  • improving and highlighting the work to combat discrimination and harassment;
  • acting to renew and create a nuanced picture of the green sector;
  • being a role model for other companies/organisations and for pupils and students in the green sector.

4.   Other policies/documents

This letter of intent focuses on those active within the green sector – from education providers and policy-making organisations, to companies and workplaces. The document does not replace individual policy documents, instead it acts as a complement.

5.   Action plan

The signatories have different roles, but all parties need to do the following:

  • Clearly demonstrate that gender-equal and fair study and work environments are a prerequisite for successful work and study results.
  • Work actively to integrate a gender equality perspective into the organisation.
  • Work actively so student representatives, staff, elective representatives, and managers collaborate on matters related to the purpose of this letter of intent.
  • Elevate knowledge, for example through training courses, to create a gender-equal and fair work and/or study environment.
  • Share relevant positive examples and experiences with other organisations.

Furthermore, the Discrimination Act (2008:567) stipulates that employers and education providers must:

  • actively combat discrimination and in other ways promote equal rights and opportunities regardless of sex, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age;
  • take responsibility for creating a respectful and inclusive work and study environment free from discrimination, harassment and sexual harassment;
  • have guidelines concerning suspected discrimination and harassment;
  • have guidelines in place to rapidly address suspicions or cases of discrimination and harassment;
  • make it clear that discrimination and harassment of employees, students or upper-secondary students may involve disciplinary measures.



Maria Knutson Wedel

Vice-Chancellor, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences


Mattias Persson

Chair, Agronomförbundet


Felicia Edman

Deputy Chair, Alnarp Student Union


Ulrik Wedelin

Area Head, Forest and Agriculture, Handelsbanken


Linn Riddarhierta

Chair, Equine Science Student Union (HAS)


Sören Petersson

Area Head, Forest, Holmen


Victoria Tönnberg

Chair, Hortonomförbundet


Jesper Broberg

Association Director, Rural Economy and Agricultural Societies


Karolina Lagerlund

CEO, Swedish Horse Industry Foundation (HNS)


Solveig Larsson

Chair, Jägarnas Riksförbund


Palle Borgström

Chair, Federation of Swedish Farmers (LRF)


Christian Hidén

Chair, Lantmästarförbundet


Josefine Andersen

Chair, Union for Students of Agricultural and Rural Management


Fredrik Munter

CEO, Mellanskog


Anders Hagg

Chair, Naturvetarna (union for Sweden’s professional scientists)


Anneli Gunnars

Chair, Naturbruksskolornas Förening


Pär Lärkeryd

CEO, Norra Skog


Åsa Larsson Blind

Chair, Sámiid Riikkasearvi, Sámiid Riikkasearvi, National Association of Swedish Sami


Jonas Mårtensson

Area Head, SCA Skog


Åke Barklund

Chair, Skogsakademikerna


Joel Alstergren

Chair, Forestry College Student Union (SHS)


Olivia Johansson

Chair, Forest Management Student Union


Herman Sundqvist

Director General, Swedish Forest Agency


Lena Söderström

Chair, SLU Holding


Annica Bresky

President and CEO, Stora Enso


Per Matses

Acting CEO, Sveaskog


Lotta Lyrå

President and CEO, Södra


Emma Brihall

Chair, Ultuna Student Union (ULS)


Mika Berglund

Chair, Veterinary Medicine Association


Dorit Greve

CEO, Växa Sverige