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SLU Urban Futures Open Call 2023 - Urban Forestscapes

Published: 22 March 2023
Stairs leading in to a forest.

SLU Urban Futures' hub in Umeå issues seed funding grants that support efforts to strengthen SLU’s interdisciplinary expertise on urban forestscapes. This call is open to all researchers at SLU, and closes on the 20th of April 2023.

The seed funding should be used for activities that support the development of transdisciplinary urban research and/or project development. The activities can range from arranging workshops, consortium building, writing literature reviews or writing funding applications. The funding is intended to develop the thematic focus on urban forestscapes at SLU and contribute to developing this discourse(s). Whilst the funding is not aimed at a specific funding call, the seed funding can support research proposal development for future calls.  

The seed funding encouragesapplications demonstrating connections to research and consortium building that supports the collaborative agreement between SLU and Umeå municipality.

What are Urban Forestscapes?

The study of forestscapes explores the complex relationships between forests, people and cities. It refers to the way forest ecosystems and urban development are interconnected by diverse social, economic, cultural and environmental processes in different contexts. Forestscapes place emphasis on the diverse meanings and values forests have to different stakeholders, humans and non-human species and the impacts of these relationships on the formation of the urban landscape. Studying urban forestscapes allows perspectives on urban forests to be lifted in sustainable urban development issues.  
Learn more about SLU Urban Futures' three research 'scapes here.

The calls are open to all SLU researchers and you can apply for 50 000 SEK per project.

How do you apply? 

1) Read the application guidelines here.

2) Fill out the application form and email this document to no later than 20th of April 2023. 

APPLICATION FORM - Urban Forestscapes Call 2023


A short report detailing your activities and outcomes using the reporting template (containing an Agresso economic report), as well as a (confidential) copy of your research proposal must be submitted to before 30th November 2023 or the funding will not be granted. The initial activity funded by SLU Urban Futures will be presented on our website, in a format approved by the applicant. 

The seed funding application should be submitted in English with an SLU researcher as main applicant.

Assessment and decision

The proposals will be evaluated by the SLU Urban Futures Platform Director, respective Hub Coordinator and the platform steering group, which includes representatives from all SLU faculties. Any conflict of interest within the steering group will be handled according to SLU guidelines. 

Only applications meeting the requirements listed in the call will be evaluated.  

Applicants will be notified of the decision with a brief motivation from the evaluation group, approximately three weeks after the end of the application period. Approved applications will be published on SLU Urban Futures' website and social media. Applicants are responsible for announcing the outcome of the application to other participants in the project. 

For questions regarding the application, please contact: Dimitris Athanassiadis,