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Collaboration with the surrounding society plays an important part at SLU. Example given, we have certain external collaboration specialist and an inovation company, SLU Holding. Here is a list of web pagesthat are related to SLU´s many collaboration projects.

There are 73 pages tagged with Collaboration:

Student design competition in Umeå - opening March 2024

SLU Urban Futures, in co-operation with Umeå municipality, will launch a student design competition in March 2024. Students in the field of Landscape Architecture and sustainable urban development

Webinar on demand-driven climate change mitigation and trade-offs of Swedish multi-family housing construction

Webinar on demand-driven climate change mitigation and trade-offs of Swedish multi-family housing construction dimitris.athanassiadis@slu.se SLU is an official partner of the New European Bauhaus (

Advanced workshops for African bioinformatics excellence

In the rapidly evolving field of bioinformatics, workshops play a crucial role in fostering knowledge sharing, collaboration, and capacity development among African students and researchers in

Soil health from a forest land-use perspective

Soil health from a forest land-use perspective elin.warm@slu.se What are the main soil health challenges in forest land-use across Europe? As part of the NATIOONS project, SLU organizes the fifth

SLU Urban Futures joins the Sea Forum of BoSS Malmö

The Bauhaus of the Seas Sails (BoSS) is a project funded under the call for the development of the New European Bauhaus (NEB) by the European Union. The project aims to promote renewed ethical and

Urban food policy and food planning

SLU Future Food and SLU Urban Futures co-organised two events in November when urban food planning and food policy took center stage in discussions. During the EU Days in Lund, the two platforms

IInvestigating the approach of campus as a landscape oriented Living Lab

Dennis Andreasson started his PhD at the Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management (LAPF) in October 2022. His position is quite unique since the project grew from a collaboration

Seed money call for interdisciplinary research

To strengthen interdisciplinary research, SLU Future Forests is launching a seed money call in subjects related to forest sciences and sustainable forestry development. Call deadline is 23 February.

Visit from Ukraine

Recently, environmental scientist Viktor Karamushka and five other researchers from National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy, visited SLU in Uppsala to discuss environmental damage assessment and

New seed funding call within critical Living Labs

SLU Urban Futures issues seed funding grants to initiate and develop research connected to critical Living Labs. The call closes on the 12th of January 2024. The funding is offered to support

You never know the consequences of one conversation

“Humans are amazing! If you put them in a room and allow them to be who they are, allow them to bring all of themselves, not just their intellectual part, we hear wonderful stories. You never know

SLU and Botildenborg strengthen collaboration and co-create a new Living Lab

The Botildenborg Foundation in Malmö uses food and cultivation to contribute to practical solutions for social, economic and ecological sustainability. Together with SLU Urban Futures, a joint Living