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Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management

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International symposium at Alnarp about managing public spaces

June 3–5, the subject group Landscape governance and management at SLU organizes an international symposium on management of the public spaces, which is aimed at researchers as well as practitioners.

Bridging disciplines through Urban Healthscapes

Urban Healthscapes is a useful concept to facilitate interdisciplinary research on health issues in urban settings. This was one of the key messages from a recent webinar arranged in collaboration

Welcome to I.A.M. Public Space Symposium 2024

catherine.kihlstrom@slu.se The Second Managing Public Space Symposium brings together researchers, policy makers and practitioners from across the globe with a focus on the management of public

Diss Azadeh Shahrad

Urban densification considering sense of place and environmental justice – or not lotta.malmborg@slu.se Azadeh Shahrad defends the thesis "Urban densification considering sense of place and

Urban forests: Governance & Management of Urban Forests

Governance & Management of Urban Forests - introducing Nature-based Thinking urbanfutures@slu.se The concept of Nature-based Thinking embodies the perspective of nature with people, rather than

NAF/NAAR Symposium 2024

NAF/NAAR Symposium 2024 - The Death and Life of Great Nordic Landscapes – Transformative Action Needed catherine.kihlstrom@slu.se A warm welcome to participate in The Nordic Association of

utlysningen IDA3 tillfalle2_eng

The call from the Interdisciplinary Academy – Q&A session and match making futurefood@slu.se Welcome to a lunch webinar about the call for new applicants to the Interdisciplinary Academy (IDA) at

ÅA2024 - EN

Johan Folkesson, chief architect at Trafikverket (the Swedish Transport Administration) got his degree from SLU’s Landscape Architecture programme in 2015. In his role, Johan has designed and driven

New forms of collaboration and learning are being tested in Malmö

At the Botildenborg site, situated on the outskirts of Rosengård in Malmö, the Botildenborg Foundation operates a farm and meeting place. Here, urban farming converges with a spectrum of social

Workshopserie forskningsinfrastruktur LTV-fakulteten

Research infrastructure workshop series at LTV faculty internkommunikation@slu.se Welcome to workshop 2 to discuss three more research infrastructures. LTV Articum 2 Alnarp Workshop 2 The LTV

Student design competition in Umeå is now open

The student design competition arranged by SLU Urban Futures, in co-operation with Umeå municipality, has been launched on Canvas. Students in the field of Landscape Architecture and sustainable


IDA: Interdisciplinarity for better natural resource management and food production in rooftop greenhouses futurefood@slu.se Save the date: Welcome to an inspiring day about interdisciplinary