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Landscape planning and architecture

Landscape planning and landscape architecture include design and management of landscapes, i.e. cultural or natural land areas, urban as well as rural.

Landscape planning and architecture are also connected to architecture, ecology, environmental psychology, sociology, environmental communication and system theory.

Landscape planning is also a branch within forestry and includes road and cutting planning etc.

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SLU Landscape's Call for ideas has been selected

Three projects has been selected in SLU Landscape's Call for ideas 2022/2023: Landscape architecture as a CLIMATE ACTOR This year’s CFI asked for ideas to showcase landscape architecture’s agency to

The global goals can inspire new interdisciplinary collaborations

During SLU's Agenda 2030 day on 14 November, a series of workshops were arranged, one of which focused on SDG 11 – Sustainable cities and communities. Here, five of SLU Urban Future's latest

New European project: Naturescapes

Professor Kes McCormick and the Department of People and Society are part of a new project on nature-based solutions and transformative change that adopts a landscape perspective. Nature-based

Achieving sustainability through risk-taking - SLU-project financed by Formas

Lina Berglund-Snodgrass at the Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management together with Mats Fred and Dalia Mukhtar-Landgren at Lund University received a four-year grant from

Governance Talk: Mosaic governance for urban green infrastructure

catherine.kihlstrom@slu.se Welcome to listen to Arjen Buijs, Forest and Nature Conservation Policy Group, Wageningen University Arjen Buijs investigates human-nature interactions and their

Tree selection for a sustainable urban forest in future climates

Tree selection for a sustainable urban forest in future climates urbanfutures@slu.se Our changing climate has put a new spotlight on the importance of trees and, as more people want to be part of

The 2024 NAF/NAAR Symposium in Alnarp

The Nordic Association of Architectural Research Symposium - The Death and Life of Great Nordic Landscapes – Transformative Action Needed - will be held in Alnarp in September 2024. Teachers,

NAF/NAAR Symposium 2024

NAF/NAAR Symposium 2024 - The Death and Life of Great Nordic Landscapes – Transformative Action Needed catherine.kihlstrom@slu.se A warm welcome to participate in The Nordic Association of

SLU project granted funding from the Driving Urban Transition (DUT) program

NATURO is a research project driven by The Landscape Governance and Management theme group at the Department of Landscape Architecture, Governance and Management that has been granted funding from

SLU Urban Futures hosts another successful PhD course

The fifth iteration of the SLU Urban Futures PhD Criticality course, Criticality in Research/Criticality as Praxis, took place during late summer and early fall 2023. The course explored how to

SLU and Botildenborg strengthen collaboration and co-create a new Living Lab

The Botildenborg Foundation in Malmö uses food and cultivation to contribute to practical solutions for social, economic and ecological sustainability. Together with SLU Urban Futures, a joint Living

Art as a tool

Art as a tool for urban development and climate adaptation anni.hoffren@slu.se The Division of Landscape Architecture invites you to a higher seminar with Professors Carola Wingren and Hildegun