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Department of Forest Biomaterials and Technology

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Urban Forests -A more diverse forestry

A more diverse forestry hanna.weiber.post@slu.se Helena Dehlin is a Nature Conservation Specialist and responsible for issues related to Green Infrastructure at the Swedish Forest Agency. Helena

Urban Forests - Johan Östberg

The tree population of Swedish cities – development and challenges during the past five years viktor.karlsson@slu.se The webinar series on urban forests, arranged by SLU Urban Futures and Future

UF seed funding -- Urban Forestscapes

SLU Urban Futures' hub in Umeå issues seed funding grants that support efforts to strengthen SLU’s interdisciplinary expertise on urban forestscapes. This call is open to all researchers at SLU, and

Getting our Cities Right #3 - Umeå

Conference: Getting our Cities Right #3 - From Green Infrastructure to Urban Forestscapes hanna.weiber.post@slu.se Welcome to the third conference in the series 'Getting our Cities Right' organised

Advancing Silvicultural Technology

Conference on Advancing Silvicultural Technology dimitris.athanassiadis@slu.se The objectives of the conference are to present ongoing R&D in the Nordic-Baltic region on forest management systems

Dissertation Meysam Nazari

Chemical and physical incorporation of bio-molecules into wood materials for energy storage charlotta.bergstrom@slu.se Meysam Nazari defends his thesis "Chemical and physical incorporation of

Stergios Adamopoulos

stergios.adamopoulos@slu.se Stergios Adamopoulos is Professor in Wood Science and Technology at the Department of Forest Biomaterials and Technology since November 2020. His academic career started

Ola Lindroos

Ola Lindroos ola.lindroos@slu.se My research topic covers many various aspects of forest operations, with a main focus on evaluations and improvements of new innovations in forest technology. The

Forestry and Sustainable Development

PhD course: Forestry and Sustainable Development dimitris.athanassiadis@slu.se Forest resources, play a key role in achieving national and EU energy policy objectives. Sweden has committed to a net

Open Meeting FDC

Open meeting SLU Skogsskadecentrum katja.fedrowitz@slu.se Welcome to the Open Meeting of the SLU Forest Damage Centre on 19-20 January at the Aronsborg conference centre in Bålsta. The meeting is

Let´s talk science! Is the growth of Swedish forests increasing or decreasing?

Let´s talk science! Is the growth of Swedish forests increasing or decreasing? annika.mossing@slu.se Let's talk science! is a seminar series inititated by the Faculty of forest sciences to

Dissertation Sima Mohtashami

GIS-based decision support systems to minimise soil impacts in logging operations charlotta.bergstrom@slu.se Sima Mohtashami defends her thesis "GIS-based decision support systems to minimise soil