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Per Knutsson seminar

Per Knutsson, one of the Dryland Transform researchers will on the 6th of October have a webinar on the topic "Commoning or Commodification? Pastoralist Land Rights in the Face of Political, Economic

Livestock café establishment

The concept of a livestock café is an excellent and novel way of engaging with farmers and local communities through a participatory approach of having field experiments. Livestock cafés as locally

Great conservation value of the Scandinavian Mountains Green Belt

Remaining intact forest landscapes are of great importance for biodiversity and ecosystem services. Researchers at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) have in several studies

Efterlängtad bok om skogens fåglar

About 10 years ago Grzegorz Mikusiński's students at the School of Forest Management asked him if he could recommend a good book about birds in the forest. Now he can finally answer ‘yes’ to that

Grzegorz Mikusiński

My research encompasses different dimensions of biodiversity conservation and other environmental issues, in Sweden and worldwide. Research interest • Conservation and management of forest

Forest Facts 4 2017

How should the impact of moose to economically and ecologically important tree species be managed? This is a hot topic in Fennoscandia. How does the study design affect conclusions about the impact

Åke Lindelöw

For more information about Åke, visit the Swedish page.

Forest Facts 11 2016

Read about how collaborative research can contribute to policies for sustainable development! One issue of SLU:s popular science publication Fakta Skog is now available in English: Sustainable rural