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Department of Urban and Rural Development

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Flora Hajdu

flora.hajdu@slu.se Professor of Rural Development in the Global South » CV » List of publications » List of projects and outcomes I am Professor and Chair of the research subject Rural

Daniela Kreber

daniela.kreber@slu.se I am a research assistant at the division of Environmental Communication since 2023. I graduated from the master's program in Environmental Communication and Management year

DT film from IGAD

One of our collaborating partners in Drylands Transform is the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD). Their work on dissemination of project activities is ongoing and has among other

Alejandra Lucia Figueredo Rodriguez

alejandra.figueredo@slu.se I work as a teaching and research assistant at the Department of Urban and Rural Development, in the Division of Environmental Communication since January 2023. I

IDA-Tvärvetenskap och ansökningar-eng

Interdisciplinary research and applications futurefood@slu.se Welcome to the series of lunch webinars on interdisciplinary science at SLU. In this webinar, Malin Mobjörk, Senior Research Officer at

Listen to Human Land Podcast episode 4

In a live hybrid podcast hosted during the SLU Landscape days, four researchers from SLU Landscape discussed their perspectives on interdisciplinary landscape research for a sustainable society. By

Different kinds of crop diversity at conventional and organic farms

The diversity of crops grown in a field, on a farm, and in the landscape tends to have a positive impact on the wild biodiversity, as well as crop production, and ecosystem functions that support and

Kick-off for the new Interdisciplinary Adacemy

In November, SLU's new Interdisciplinary Academy (IDA) makes its official start. Two projects and eleven researchers are admitted to the academy. Together, they represent nine departments, all four

SLU Landscape's Call for ideas has been selected

Three projects has been selected in SLU Landscape's Call for ideas 2022/2023: Landscape architecture as a CLIMATE ACTOR This year’s CFI asked for ideas to showcase landscape architecture’s agency to

Call for ideas 2020/2021 projects selected

Four projects has been selected in SLU Landscape's Call for ideas 2021/2022: Next steps to sustainability The Steering Group of SLU Landscape has decided to grant the following projects 50 000 SEK

Matthew Jacobson

matthew.jacobson@slu.se On 12th December 2022, I have started a postdoctoral research position at the Division of Agrarian History. I am originally an archaeologist and my research is focused on

AH seminar

16th century population - geography, demography and social structure anni.hoffren@slu.se Division of Agrarian History invites you to a seminar with Martin Andersson, Researcher at Division fo