Independent project at the NJ faculty

Last changed: 28 February 2024

Here you can find regulations, different forms and information about available projects at the departments.


For some main subject areas, the Independent project courses are given by several cooperating departments, and the courses may be connected to several educational programs. The courses have identical syllabi and some parts are studied jointly. This applies to independent projects in the following main subject areas: biology, environmental science, soil science, food science, agricultural science, chemistry and technology (except projects within the civil engineering programs).


Independent courses given by several departments are organised with one responsible department and several cooperating departments. The parts of the course studied jointly are organised by one department. The division of responsibilities (090622) was determined by the educational board 2008-12-11.

Documents and guides

Guide and forms

Pdf forms must be downloaded and opened in Acrobat for the digital signing!

General information

Information mainly for supervisors and examiners

Older documents

Available projects

Here are links to the different departments' pages with proposed projects. If you have your own idea, you can contact previous teachers in the subject area or consult the department Director of studies at a suitable department for guidance to find a possible supervisor.


For questions about specific courses and projects, please contact the director of studies at the department responsible for the course/project.