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Here is a list of web pages, including news and events, that are related to teaching at SLU.

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This year's ECLAS conference (ECLAS European Council of Landscape Architect Schools) was organised by the Division of Landscape Architecture at the Department of Urban and Rural Development, and was

Winter survival of predatory mites that are used against pests is examined

In greenhouses and in open-air crops, predatory mites are often used against thrips, dark-winged fungus gnats, and mites that damage the crops. But what happens if predatory mites, who do not usually

Basic R programming

Basic R programming hilda.edlund@slu.se The course will focus on the core of R programming language, and data manipulation with R. Content: The course begins with an orientation connected to the

Advanced R programming

Advanced R programming hilda.edlund@slu.se The course focus on writing R functions, efficient data manipulation, and advanced plot. Content:The lectures provide an overview of the following

Ph. D. course Statistics I

Statistics I: Basic statistics, 4 hp hilda.edlund@slu.se The Ph.D. course will be given in Umeå 28 February - 1 April 2022. Objectives The objective of the course is to give an introduction to

What is the current state of higher education in soil science in Europe?

To strengthen research capacity and get new knowledge on climate adaption and mitigation for agricultural soils, the current state of soil science in higher education in Europe is being investigated.

A highly valued PhD course: Criticality in, on and for design

“Criticism is riskier than commentary, it is willing to stake out and substantiate a particular position,” writes design scholar Miriam Gusevich. Academic critique of designed urban landscapes can

Human-land e2

In the latest episode of the Human-land podcast, researcher Jonathan Stoltz from SLU shares his current research on how environments can be designed to cater for the universal human needs, with a

Jule Brandenburg diss

Lipid production from lignocellulosic material by oleaginous yeasts eva.andersson.bjorkman@slu.se Jule Brandenburg defends her thesis "Lipid production from lignocellulosic material by oleaginous

Sabina Braun diss

Long-term phosphorus supply in agricultural soils : size and dynamics of fast- and slow-desorbing phosphorus pools eva.andersson.bjorkman@slu.se Sabina Braun defends her thesis "Long-term

New podcast: Human-land

Human-land is a podcast supported by the Department of People and Society at SLU Alnarp, and produced by the SLU environmental psychology alumni network. We explore topics related to outdoor

Solja is using wheat bran for better bread and less food waste

Wheat bran is a major agro-industrial by-product of flour milling. It is currently used mainly for animal feed and bioenergy production even though it contains large amount of nutrients. In her PhD