Fire protection, rescue stations and assembly point

Last changed: 04 April 2018

The MVM building is well protected against fire, with alarms and many rescue stations.

The MVM building has fire and evacuation alarms. The alarm is audible as well as visible (flashing lights). The alarm is connected directly to the Fire Department.

Every Department has it's own fire managers, people who help in case of fire. The fire managers are appointed by the head of Department. They get special training on evacuation in case of fire.

Water sprinklers and rescue stations are to be found in strategic places in the building.

 Rescue station symbol
Rescue station symbol (Photo: Ulrika Hurtig)

Every rescue station has a fire blanket, first aid kit and an evacuation plan...

 Rescue station
Rescue station with evacuation plan. (Photo: Ulrika Hurtig)

...and of course fire extinguishers.

 Fire extinguisher
Fire extinguisher with foam. (Photo: Ulrika Hurtig)

Please study the evacuation plan so that you know where to find the emergency exits and the fire equipment etc, but also to find out where the assembly point is.

Assembly point sign
Where is the assembly point? (Photo: Ulrika Hurtig)

The assembly point for us working in the MVM building is at Gerda Nilssons väg 3 (near the parking space by the delivery entrance/caretaker's).

Assembly point
This is where we reassemble! (Photo: Ulrika Hurtig)


If the fire alarm goes off...

If there is a fire and the fire alarm goes off you must leave the building. Follow the evacuation signs to get out. All stairways are escape routes. Fire doors close automatically, so that the smoke does not spread. You must not use the elevators!


Mats Linde
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