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Launching: the film about Campus Alnarp

Published: 03 May 2023
SLU Campus Alnarp - an experimental site with science and education for sustainable life

In the new film, you meet some of all the creative people at SLU Campus Alnarp working to solve vital questions. Hear them tell about the significance of the research environments and the place where they operate.

The Alnarp educational institution was established in the 1860s when the agricultural institute opened here. The site was designed as a model farm to show all the possibilities the earth provides. Since then, Alnarp as well as the surrounding world have undergone major changes. Even today, the campus houses a variety of unique environments used for research and teaching, and the site continues to change and evolve for purpose.

The film's 22 minutes overview Alnarpsparken, the landscape and garden lab, the multi-sensory lab Sensola, the Magnolia Forest and the nursery fields, POM's collections, the apple breeding program, SITES Lönnstorp, the Biotron and the climate-controlled wind tunnel, Green Innovation Park, Food Lab and the student-run Alnarps farm .

Inside the walls, in the park and in the outdoor environments an impressible amount is happening. Maybe you will find knowledge and development opportunities here at Alnarp that you can benefit from but previously were unaware of?

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The film was created by the Unit for Collaboration and Development 2023. Produced in collaboration between Advant, Filmbruket, Ryan Davidson, Anders Rasumsson and Kristina Santen from the Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Plant Production Science (LTV Faculty).