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Department of Plant Breeding

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SLU-forskning ska skydda äppelsorter i Ukraina

Following insistent detective work, researchers have been able to extensively map out the family trees connecting many varieties of Swedish apples. This has helped clarify the relationships between

Nosar i jakt på fruktträdskräfta

Diminished crops and lowered fruit quality are some of the effects of Fruit tree canker, the single most destructive disease plaguing Swedish apple orchards. In order to trace the disease early and

Ciderns tid är mogen

Sweden possesses a bounty of apples, and the fruit is a beloved staple in the production of both food and drink. Apple sauce, apple cake and apple juice count among many peoples’ favourites. One

Diss_Okanlawon Lekan Jolayemi

Biostimulant potential of agro-industrial side-streams - sustainable sugar beet cultivation and drought tolerance in wheat lotta.malmborg@slu.se Okanlawon Lekan Jolayemi, Department of Plant

Improving Food Security by Enhancing and Upscaling Sesame Production in Sudan

Fredrik.reslow@slu.se Mohammed Elsafy, Dept of Plant Breeding, will give his half-time seminar “Improving Food Security by Enhancing and Upscaling Sesame Production in Sudan” Venue: Triticum,

Symposium dedicated to millets

Symposium dedicated to millets malin.planting@slu.se The United Nations General Assembly has declared 2023 the International year of millets: "Millets are among the first plants to be domesticated

Ramesh wants to use biocontrol for more resilient agricultural systems

Ramesh Vetukuri is the newest researcher at the SLU Centre of Biological Control, CBC. His specialty is novel and sustainable methodologies to enhance plant yield, while effectively managing disease

Bjørn Dueholm

bjorn.dueholm@slu.se I research a broad variety of pea accessions for pre-breeding purposes. The aim is to provide breeders with knowledge they can use for creating new cultivars better adapted to


Novel Methods for Resistance Breeding in Winter Wheat lotta.malmborg@slu.se Mustafa Zakieh, department of Plant Protection, defends the thesis "Novel Methods for Resistance Breeding in Winter Wheat

Lunch and mingle during Thesis Day 2023

slualumn@slu.se Thesis Day is a day when SLU celebrates the students' academic achievements. Thesis Day consists of a digital poster exhibit, as well as events in Alnarp and Uppsala with oral

Launching: the film about Campus Alnarp

In the new film, you meet some of all the creative people at SLU Campus Alnarp working to solve vital questions. Hear them tell about the significance of the research environments and the place where

Plant protection awareness

Plant protection is a hot topic of discussion in Europe at the moment, as the EU recommends that the amount of chemical pesticides be reduced by 50% by 2030. Related to this, SLU arranges an open