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Department of Plant Protection Biology

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Political deafness may impede transition to biological control

The EU Commission has proposed a new Regulation on the sustainable use of plant protection products. One of its goals is that chemical control has largely been replaced with biological control not

Closing ceremony in Alnarp 2023

Closing ceremony in Alnarp 2023 Desiree.Mattsson@slu.se This year's closing ceremony for all graduates will be held in conjunction with Thesis day on 26th May 2023. More information and how to

Kraftsamling växthälsa

Plant Health Joint Action (Kraftsamling växthälsa) katja.fedrowitz@slu.se SLU together with the Swedish Board of Agriculture have developed a plan for a Plant Health Joint Action (Kraftsamling

Diss Christian Benjamin Andersen

Friend or Foe? Biocontrol interactions of Pythium oligandrum within the potato cropping system lotta.malmborg@slu.se Christian Benjamin Andersen, Department of Plant Protection Biology, defends his

SLU Centre for Biological Control's annual report 2022

“SLU has never had such a strong position in biological control as now”, says Johan Stenberg, the Director of the SLU Centre for Biological Control, CBC. Now, CBC’s annual popular science overview of

Open Meeting FDC

Open meeting SLU Skogsskadecentrum katja.fedrowitz@slu.se Welcome to the Open Meeting of the SLU Forest Damage Centre on 19-20 January at the Aronsborg conference centre in Bålsta. The meeting is

Aureobasidium – an upcoming agricultural hero

Aureobasidium are black, yeast-like fungi. These microorganisms can provide ecological and safe strategies that might be adopted in agricultural production systems and food processing. In a new

Anna Laura Erdei

anna.erdei@slu.se postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Plant Protection Biology I am a plant biologist with a broad interest in volatiles mediating interactions between insects, plants and

Kurs i försöksstatistik 11-12 mars 2019(2)

Kurs i försöksstatistik This information is only available in swedish. FältForsk, SLU Hotell Högland, Esplanaden 4 Sankt Larsgatan 14, Linköping 1 100 kr exkl. moms Program hittar du här.

Anna Manourova

anna.manourova@slu.se Coordinator of PlantLink and PhD candidate with theoretical knowledge and practical experience in agriculture and ecology in tropical regions. Academic background in the field

Herd immunity in food crops for increased food safety

Can heard immunity in food crops be achieved through speckled use of resistant cultivars, biocontrol and chemical fungicides? This will be investigated in a new research project at SLU financed by

The fungus that attracts male flies to mate with carcasses

A parasitic fungus tricks healthy houseflies into mating with infected, dead female flies of the same species. The fungus is specific to houseflies and may, in the long term, be developed into a