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SLU Alnarp

SLU Alnarp focuses on landscape architecture, horticulture, plant production and southern Swedish forestry and agriculture. Alnarp has around 900 students studying within these fields. The Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Crop Production Science har its base in Alnarp.

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SLU welcomes Lomma Municipality to campus

A new municipal building is set to be constructed in Lomma, and during the construction period, approximately 160 employees from the municipality will have their workplaces on campus. "It's

Get to know your colleagues - have a coffee!

Get to know your colleagues - have a coffee! malin.planting@slu.se SLU’s global network has been running the coffee trials for some years now. From the autumn semester of 2023 we open up the coffee

Open Access Week: Open Access at SLU – this week and all other weeks

bib-webbredaktionen@slu.se How is SLU working on the transition to open science and how open is our research and environmental assessment today? The SLU Library is organising a poster exhibition at

Open Access Week: Get started with open science in Alnarp

bib-webbredaktionen@slu.se Let the library help you make your research as openly accessible as possible! Meet us on campus and get help with open publishing and data sharing. Image: Locks and

Ny vicedekan på LTV

Senior lecturer Aakash Chawade has been appointed as new vice dean for research infrastructure at the last meeting of the faculty board. Over the years, the faculty has been working on developing and

SLU-forskning ska skydda äppelsorter i Ukraina

Following insistent detective work, researchers have been able to extensively map out the family trees connecting many varieties of Swedish apples. This has helped clarify the relationships between

Nosar i jakt på fruktträdskräfta

Diminished crops and lowered fruit quality are some of the effects of Fruit tree canker, the single most destructive disease plaguing Swedish apple orchards. In order to trace the disease early and

Ciderns tid är mogen

Sweden possesses a bounty of apples, and the fruit is a beloved staple in the production of both food and drink. Apple sauce, apple cake and apple juice count among many peoples’ favourites. One

Agricultural Management Day

utb-webb@slu.se Agricultural Management Day is an annual careers day organised by the Union for Students of Agricultural and Rural Management in Alnarp. Students can meet with potential employers

Horticultural Careers Day 2023

utb-webb@slu.se Horticultural Careers Day is organised by the horticultural engineering students and horticulturalists at SLU Alnarp. The day aims to inspire soon-to-be horticultural engineers,

Diss_Okanlawon Lekan Jolayemi

Biostimulant potential of agro-industrial side-streams - sustainable sugar beet cultivation and drought tolerance in wheat lotta.malmborg@slu.se Okanlawon Lekan Jolayemi, Department of Plant

Let's talk science! Can biological diversity be measured?

Let's talk science! Can biological diversity be measured? annika.mossing@slu.se The habitat of many forest species has deteriorated or has been drastically reduced. Society's goal is to preserve or