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Department of Biosystems and Technology

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Disp A Nicolaidis

Managing coupled human and natural systems (CHANS): the case of water internkommunikation@slu.se Andreas Nicolaidis Lindqvist, defends his thesis “Managing coupled human and natural systems (CHANS)

World Soil Day 2022: ”Soils, where food begins”

World Soil Day 2022: ”Soils, Where food begins” amanda.oberg@slu.se Agricultural soils are the foundation of our food supply. But to keep our soils capable of delivering such an important ecosystem

Disputation Andreas Nicolaidis Lindqvist

andrus.kangro@slu.se Andreas Nicolaidis Lindqvist will defend his thesis titled “Managing coupled human and natural systems (CHANS)- The case of water” Opponent: - Professor Giuliano Di Baldassarre

Ryan Davidson

andrus.kangro@slu.se Research Engineer in the CSE group Originally a technician for the CSE group I spent most of my time taking soil and plant samples and working in the lab preparing samples for

Annie Drottberger

andrus.kangro@slu.se I am a lecturer and PhD student in Horticultural Science especially Business Administration at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, the Department of Biosystems and

Jan-Eric Englund

andrus.kangro@slu.se - Lecturer at SLU in Alnarp since 1992, focusing on applied statistics and mathematical statistics. - Statistical consultant for SLU staff and to be responsible for courses in

Johanna Stenfelt

andrus.kangro@slu.se Research Assistant at the Department of Biosystems and Technology My research interest is mainly in animal behaviour and cognition, with a special focus on ways to optimize

EJP SOIL webinar: Publications and Data – Procedures for Open Access, Storage & Reporting

amanda.oberg@slu.se Welcome to a webinar on scientific publications and data - procedures for open access, storage and reporting. The webinar is arranged against the background that publications are

Jean W.H Yong

NNjrcU4Otv0 andrus.kangro@slu.se A physiologist and biochemist by training, I received my Ph.D. and M.Sc. degrees from the Australian National University (2001) and the National University of

Maria Vilain Rørvang

andrus.kangro@slu.se Researcher at the Department of Biosystems and Technology, animal group. I have a Masters degree in Agrobiology and a PhD in Animal Science and work mainly on research

Evgenij Telezhenko

andrus.kangro@slu.se Researcher at the Unit of Animal Environment and Building Function at the Department of Biosystems and Technology I am teaching about different floors for farm animals at the

Bindu Sunilkumar

andrus.kangro@slu.se Enthusiastic researcher who thirst for research, knowledge, development and quality. Learning is an essential part of my life. However, the most crucial part is to never stop