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Future Food

SLU Future Food focuses on Swedish food production and food in a wide sense, both animal and vegetable products. Several aspects are covered, from soil use and primary production to processing, consumption and residual products.

There are 274 pages tagged with SLU Future Food:

Should the future of food be global or local?

Should the future of food be global or local? futurefood@slu.se We are pleased to invite you to the official launch event of our new food dialogue initiative Table. This kick-off event will be a

SLU Climate Conversations: Ways forward for land use and climate change

The role of land use for climate mitigation and adaptation was in focus when scientists from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Lund University and Independent University Bangladesh met

Climate conversation save the date

Save the date for the upcoming climate conversation 10 March 9.00 – 10.30 (CET) with the theme Climate Change Challenges - Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability. The webinar will be held in English

Six projects receive funding from SLU Aquacultures open call

SLU Aquaculture are pleased to announce that six projects have been awarded a seed grant in the open call of spring 2021. The projects aim to stimulate research collaborations at SLU and cover

Seed predators help us to control weeds in the fields

Many small rodents and carabid beetles like to eat weed seeds and we benefit from that in agriculture. New research at SLU shows that these seed predators can reduce the population of weeds - in this

National Aquaculture Conference 2022

National Aquaculture Conference 2022 aquaculture@slu.se Welcome to the National Aquaculture Conference 15-16 March 2022, where innovation, circular systems and entrepreneurs are in focus. This time

Filmat seminarium: Hur står det till med vårt dricksvatten?

On 27 September, Formas, the Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning, organized a breakfast seminar about drinking water in Sweden. One of the speakers

Voicing indigenous food sovereignty

Voicing indigenous food sovereignty in the global North: Concerns and struggles in Sweden, Finland, Russia and Canada Welcome to the final workshop organised by the SLU Future Food financed project

Är insekter bra mat på långa rymdresor?

There is a challenge to supply astronauts with enough nutritious food, especially during prolonged spaceflight or future planetary missions. Using insects to produce human food from waste is an

Who cares about toilets?

Today is World Toilet Day. According to WHO and UNICEF around four billion people in the world does not have access to a safely managed sanitation service. Untreated wastewater released to the

Circular fish makes Swedish rainbow salmon green

An innovation from Axfoundation and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) has resulted in Sweden's first green rainbow trout now available for consumers. Instead of soy and

Sustainable strategies for dairy cow replacements

Sustainable strategies for dairy cow replacements The research program "Sustainable diets from sustainable production systems - Focus milk" welcomes you to a webbinar with Dr Albert De Vries,