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Future Food

SLU Future Food focuses on Swedish food production and food in a wide sense, both animal and vegetable products. Several aspects are covered, from soil use and primary production to processing, consumption and residual products.

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SLU Urban Futures' Ultuna Hub works with Food Planning

Urban Food Planning has emerged as an important topic in the work of SLU Urban Futures’ Ultuna Hub connected to the Foodscapes theme. As part of these topics, SLU Urban Futures is engaged in a number

IDA 2023-2024

The application for Interdisciplinary Academy (IDA) at SLU 2023-2024 closed before summer. Six applications were received and the selection committee was given the delicate task of selecting two of

SLU Alumna of the year - award ceremony and lecture

SLU Alumna of the year 2023 - award ceremony, lecture and conversation slualumn@slu.se SLU Alumnus of the Year is awarded to a prior student who is an inspirational role model for our students and

Researcher residency at Philipsonska gården in Strängnäs

Researcher residency at Philipssonska gården Researcher residency – transdisciplinary discussions at Ekenäs futureonehealth@slu.se The four Future Platforms invite senior as well as junior SLU

SLU-forskning ska skydda äppelsorter i Ukraina

Following insistent detective work, researchers have been able to extensively map out the family trees connecting many varieties of Swedish apples. This has helped clarify the relationships between

Nosar i jakt på fruktträdskräfta

Diminished crops and lowered fruit quality are some of the effects of Fruit tree canker, the single most destructive disease plaguing Swedish apple orchards. In order to trace the disease early and

Ciderns tid är mogen

Sweden possesses a bounty of apples, and the fruit is a beloved staple in the production of both food and drink. Apple sauce, apple cake and apple juice count among many peoples’ favourites. One

Agri4D upcoming

The world is facing major challenges in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. The importance of food systems in achieving the goals is central. The Agri4D conference is a creative

Agri4D 2023 conference

Agri4D 2023 malin.planting@slu.se Welcome to Agri4D 2023: Building resilient food systems in uncertain times. The Agri4D conference aims to bridge science, policy and practice to create a

GlobeLife Seminar

GlobeLife Seminar: "Food production, nutrition and global health - sustainable food for all?" futureonehealth@slu.se Slide from the presentation SLU Future One Health, together with Globelife (a

IDA: Multifunctional landscapes and Futures of Agriculture

Welcome to an inspiring day about interdisciplinary research and education at SLU. During this first part of the day, the thematic groups from Interdisciplinary Academy 22/23 present their projects

Climate-impact of animal food production – what do we know and what are the knowledge gaps?

Climate-impact of animal food production – what do we know and what are the knowledge gaps? futureonehealth@slu.se The series of Climate Conversations at SLU continues. This time SLU Global and the