29 Sep

Webinar on Zoom

What are urban forests?

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Welcome to a webinar hosted by SLU Urban Futures and Future Forests. This is the first of three events in a webinar series on Urban Forests that will be organised in the autumn semester of 2021. The series will focus on different aspects and possibilities of research on and in urban forests.

Urban forests are in increasing focus these days as contributors to healthier, more resilient, and more attractive cities. But what do we mean with ‘urban forests’?

On the 29th of September, we are happy to welcome Prof. dr. Cecil Konijnendijk, director at the Nature Based Solutions Institute, who has worked with green space and trees in cities and towns for over 25 years. 

In his talk, Cecil will give an overview of how the field of urban forestry has developed over time and he will show that urban forests are complex socio-ecological systems. The field of forestry has had a strong influence on the development of urban forestry, but so have quite a few other disciplines and fields. Our understanding of what urban forests are can also differ depending on the country and context. How can we work with this complexity in a meaningful way and how are cities across the world putting urban forestry in practice?


Time: 2021-09-29 15:00 - 16:00
City: Webinar on Zoom
Organiser: SLU Urban Futures and Future Forests
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About this webinar

This webinar is part of the webinar series ‘Urban forests’, which focus on different aspects and possibilities of research on and in urban forests.

Prof. dr. Cecil Konijnendijk
Cecil Konijnendijk is one of the world’s leading experts in urban forestry. He has advised international organisations, as well as national and local governments, in more than 20 countries, on the development of urban forestry strategies and programmes. He has a special interest in the social and cultural values of urban forests, and in connecting people with the places where they live. 

Future Forests
Future Forests is a platform for multidisciplinary forest research, collaboration and research communication, driven by SLU, Umeå University and the Forestry Research Institute of Sweden.

SLU Urban Futures
Among the four SLU Future Platforms SLU Urban Futures has the mission to strengthen sustainable urban development. The platform aims to identify knowledge needs and strives to develop new research questions addressing the challenges of an urbanising planet.