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Skogsvetenskap är läran om skogen, skogens utnyttjande och skogsråvarans förädling. Skogsvetenskap är således en tillämpad vetenskap med inslag av bland annat botanik, ekologi, geovetenskap, teknik och ekonomi. Här ingår ämnena skogsinventering, skogsplanering, skogsskötsel, skogsproduktion, skogsföryngring, skogshushållning, skogsgenetik, skogsmykologi, skogspatologi, skogsteknologi och skogshistoria.

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Ask a researcher

SLU has many experts in different subjects. Some of them are listed at the Swedish web page. Contact them if you have something to discuss. SLU has many researchers with a special mission to

Henrik Böhlenius

Henrik Böhlenius is an expert on forest management with poplar plantation as research area.

Mats Jonsell, forest enthomology

Mats Jonsell is an expert on forest enthomolgy. He studies insects and nature conservation issues in forests.

Forest Ecology and Sustainable Management

Forests worldwide are under increasing pressure to provide multiple products, ecosystem services, and to play a key role for bio-based economy. SLU is currently ranked as number one in forestry


This programme is a top choice for you who are open minded and wish to get profound understanding in forest management, ecology, planning and policy that goes beyond certain national traditions.

Collaboration partners

The program was funded through collaboration between SLU, the industry and sector-related agencies. By working with numerous stakeholders, we gained many positive synergies. The purpose of this


The environmental effects of stump harvesting have been studied in a research program during 2008 - 2015 co-funded by Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, the Swedish Energy Agency and the


Publications from SLU Risk assessment of plant pests. Pest Risk Assessments Rapid Pest Risk Analysis Xyleborinus attenuatus , June 2017 Rapid Pest Risk Analysis Xylosandrus germanus , May 2017

Short-term assignments to synthetize information for ranking plant pests

Short-term assignments to synthetize information for ranking plant pests

During 2018 there is an opportunity to participate in the exciting and important work performed at the Unit for Risk Assessment of Plant Pests. We are currently offering several short-term


Here you will find completed and ongoing major projects that SLU Risk assessment of plant pests is involved in. Completed projects Trade and production of plants and plant products in Sweden - A

SLU Risk assessment of plant pests

SLU Risk assessment of plant pests

We perform independent analyses which will provide support to the Swedish Board of Agriculture in their effort to counter the damage of non-indigenous pests.

Tree microbiomes

In this project, we study the ecological mechanisms contributing to the assembly of a tree’s microbiome. The project will reveal host traits correlated with pathogen susceptibility relevant for