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Forest science

Skogsvetenskap är läran om skogen, skogens utnyttjande och skogsråvarans förädling. Skogsvetenskap är således en tillämpad vetenskap med inslag av bland annat botanik, ekologi, geovetenskap, teknik och ekonomi. Här ingår ämnena skogsinventering, skogsplanering, skogsskötsel, skogsproduktion, skogsföryngring, skogshushållning, skogsgenetik, skogsmykologi, skogspatologi, skogsteknologi och skogshistoria.

There are 264 pages tagged with Forest science:

Mikolaj Lula

mikolaj.lula@slu.se I completed my BSc degree with a major in forest management at the Poznan University of Life Sciences (Poland). I continued my undergraduate education at the Southern Swedish

Matej Domevscik

matej.domevscik@slu.se Adaptation of forest regeneration to the changed climate of the future forms the core of my work. Drought damage to seedlings, pine weevils, site adaptation and different

Emily Viola Delin

emily.viola.delin@slu.se I have recently begun my PhD studies at the Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre in Alnarp. The focus of the project will be on modeling forest disturbances. The main

Karin Amsten

Karin Amsten defended her thesis "Fire and herbivory – key drivers of temperate open ecosystems : Effects of consumer control on woody and herbaceous plant communities in temperate wood-pasture" and

Nora Sophie Pohl

nora.sophie.pohl@slu.se I am currently in my third year of my PhD at the Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre in Alnarp, SLU. My main topic involves the recruitment of oak trees into the canopy

Maksym Matsala

maksym.matsala@slu.se Postdoctor PhD in Forest Science (2021). My background is in natural forest dynamics, forest remote sensing and GIS, ecosystem services and carbon budget estimation, and a bit

Researcher Workshop – Green dreams and workforce realities - Swedish forests and forest labour

henrik.j.persson@slu.se Welcome to the follow-up workshop to "Green dreams and workforce realities" organised by the Future Forests research platform. Time for a follow-up to our well-received

Ida Nordström

ida.nordstrom@slu.se PhD Student in Forest Pathology, working on her thesis titled: Non-destructive and high-throughput detection of forest pests and pathogens using next-generation technologies. I

Multiple benefits in locally managed tropical forest commons

Research published in Nature Climate Change, with sites in 15 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, shows that forests where rural and Indigenous peoples have formal control and substantive

Albin Larsson Ekström

albin.larsson.ekstrom@slu.se Doctoral student in restoration ecology. Investigating responses of deadwood-associated species to restoration measures in pine and deciduous forests. My research

Final seminar about multidamaged forest - a collaborative projekt

Final seminar about a collaborative project on multidamaged forest theres.svensson@slu.se Welcome to the final seminar for the collaboration project multi-damaged young forest in northern Sweden.

New research on the forests unknown nitrogen fixers

SLU research project gets funding to fill knowledge gap about one of the boreal forest's most crucial nutrients. Forests rely on nitrogen for growth. However, in the cold, boreal forests, the