Information for teachers

Last changed: 03 July 2023

BÖL laboratories can be booked for all education within SLU and external.

Capacity and equipment

The facility comprises three practical laboratories BÖL 1, BÖL 2 and BÖL 3 (up to 40 students each) and autoclave, chemical, medium preparation, gel electrophorese rooms.

The laboratories are fully equipped for practical education within botany, microbiology, molecular biology, e.g.

• Fume hoods, biological safety cabinets
• Microscopes
• Spectrophotometers
• Autoclaves
• Scales
• Pipettes
• Consumable materials (Eppendorfs, Petri dishes, etc.)


Laboratory booking

There is no deadline for BÖL booking. However, we recommend that you double-check your course schedule with us before May 15th (period 1, 2) or November 15th (period 3, 4), i.e. before you send in your request for lecture and seminar rooms to ensure that BÖL is reserved for your lab exercises. 

It is not possible to book BÖL yourself via TimeEdit! Always email your request to Bettina Müller. Email the number of laboratories you want to book, dates and times and the expected number of students. Your booking will be visible in TimeEdit latest four weeks before the term starts.

To conduct an examination in BÖL via Tentamensservice (link), pre-reserve day and time through Bettina Müller. Otherwise, follow Tentamensservice's instructions to complete the booking process.

A living booking schema for the current and upcoming period can be found here.

See the BÖL prices here (only in Swedish, under Priser).

Equipment booking

Under Biology Exercises Course Laboratories here. For off-site access, please connect via SLU VPN. There you can book e.g., microscopies, photometers, PCR machines and more.

See the manual how to book the equipment here.


Products special to your course, such as enzymes, can be ordered via BÖL. They can be ordered only if Proceedo № or company name, catalogue number and cost are provided. Forms without these information will not be processed! Email a completed form to Albina Bakeeva at least 30 days before the course start.

Gilson pipettes booking

Email a completed form to Albina Bakeeva at least 30 days before the course start.

Before the lab starts

Compulsory introduction meeting

Before starting work or teaching in BÖL, the course leader and all involved should meet with Albina Bakeeva to learn the facility's rules and routines. The course leader is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the course in BÖL. The meeting needs to be repeated before every course.

Entrance card

If you need access to BÖL, contact intendent Magnus Åberg, phone 018 67 1297. Specify dates, Cc Albina Bakeeva.

Projector and computer

In case projector or computer do not work in the main labs contact IT-support, phone 018 67 6600 or email

Safety and rules

Fire safety 

For a safe learning environment at BÖL, course leader and assistants must know the locations of emergency resources: showers, extinguishers, evacuation routes, gathering place, aid boxes, defibrillators, and sick rooms. Inform your students about these measures before they enter BÖL to ensure their safety.


Identify hazards associated with your course activity and evaluated the risks. We recommend including this in your lab compendium. Use SLU's chemical handling system KLARA to find information on chemical risks and personal protection. Here search by chemical product name, CAS number or article number.

The course leader is responsible to ensure that all methods and procedures used during preparations and lab exercises are documented and accessible in KLARA.


Read Laboratory rules and routines. You can also find printed version of the rules in the three BÖL main labs.

Environmental policy

SLU’s environmental policy and Environmental certification ISO 14001 of BioCenter, goals and the environmental handbook can be found here. It is crucial to plan your work in accordance with these guidelines and to inform the students about the relevant information before entering BÖL.

During and after the lab

Broken Equipment 

Report broken things using Broken equipment form and send it to Albina Bakeeva. 

Cold room 

The cold room is not for long-term storage, use it only during the course. Don’t mark shelves, mark your boxes.

Students lockers

Remind your students to empty the lockers after completing the course. After each semester, any padlock left behind will be cut open and wasted.


Don't forget to start ventilation in BÖL 1, 2 and 3. Press the timer button next to one of the doors, for a maximum of 4 hours.

Remember that everything that was picked from the shelves should be put in its place! You should leave the lab in the same condition as you got it!