Last changed: 14 September 2022

Here you can find information about common resources and service functions at the BioCenter.


Note:    If you connect from a computer outside of SLUs network you need to use a VPN-connection - instructions can be found here 


BioC IT-support

More information about how IT-support is organized at the BioCenter.


Booking of growing facilities 

Portal for booking of growth chambers in the Fytotron or  space in the BioCenter greenhouse.

Computer and AV booking

Portal for booking loaner computers, projectors, microphones, headphones, conference speakers, cameras and field speaker vests.



Booking of laboratory insturments

Portal for booking laboratory instruments provided by the various departments. Such as light/stereo and confocal microscopes, fermenters, plate readers, liquid apparatus, gas chromatographs, etc.


BioC webpage/Signage

If you have information on seminars, courses or other evenets that you wish to publish on the webpage or on the information screens at the main entrance please send an email to:


The Confocal microscopy booking

Here you will find information about BioCentrum's confocal microscope and how to book it.



Environmental certification

  You can find more information on the ongoing process here. 


The instrument list

A list of research equipment and instruments that can be found at the different departments  BioCenter.


Building incident and malfunctions reporting

Here you will find information on how to report incidents and malfuntions in the BioCenter building.



Contact information to the BioCenter janitor Robert Andersson.


Various documents/manuals

Building Floor Plans