Welcome back!

Last changed: 13 July 2023

As restrictions are lifted, it’s now time for a reboot. I sense a strong longing and a lot of positive energy in the air as we can once again meet colleagues, students and visitors on campus.

It’s also the beginning of the period of office for a new faculty board, meaning that new members of councils, boards and committees must be appointed. Everyone must do their bit for the common good and contribute their expertise when requested. This is part of your responsibility as an employee, enabling a diverse representation that reflects all of SLU. It’s also a good way of getting to know SLU and your colleagues.

At the departments, members for various functions will need to be appointed during the six months after the new faculty board has taken office. Heads and deputy heads of department are appointed by the dean.

This is how it will be done at the S Faculty: I, as dean, will appoint a senior researcher who doesn’t intend to apply for a head of department post to be in charge of recruitment. This recruitment coordinator appoints a recruitment team with representatives from various categories of staff. Together with the Division of Human Resources, we will define a skills profile and a recruitment schedule; the group will inform staff of this. The recruitment coordinator will continually update the dean on how things are progressing. If the current head of department is interested in serving for another period, and there is support for this, the case is forwarded for co-determination negotiations. If a new head of department is to be recruited, the process progresses. My objective is to take a decision, after co-determination negotiations but no later than 30 April 2022, on heads of department for the departments where a new head of department needs to be in place no later than 1 July.

At the moment, many of you are working on applications or planning teaching, fieldwork and environmental assessment tasks.  Finger crossed, I wish everyone good luck with this reboot of activities. See you on campus!

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