Room booking

Last changed: 08 June 2022

There are a number of rooms at the VHC that can be booked using SLU’s room booking system TimeEdit. These are mainly lecture halls, computer labs and group rooms. An authorisation system in TimeEdit determines which rooms you are able to book. The meeting rooms on levels 3, 4 and 5 in building 5 can be booked via Outlook.

Booking procedures:

Meeting rooms - booking in Outlook:

On levels 3, 4 and 5 there are ten meeting rooms with space for 6 or 12 people, which are shared by the building’s tenants. On level 5 there is also a larger divisible conference room Tanngrisner, with 40+40 spaces, as well as one with 24 spaces, the new ‘portrait room’. These rooms can be booked in Outlook. Look for rooms starting at Ua VHC.

The lunch room - booking is done in a calendar in the reception:

If you like to book the lunch room in building 5 you can do it in a calendar in the reception.

Lecture halls and labs:

Level 2 (entrance level) of building 5 is home to larger lecture halls for up to 150 people, as well as computer labs that can be booked via the central room booking system TimeEdit

A practical lab Ymer, that can accommodate 60 people is also available here, to book this lab please contact Sten-Olof Frederiksson VHC, tel 28 84.

Seminar rooms, near the stable:

In the stable near building 4 there are 2 divisible seminar rooms with 25+25 spaces and a group room with 16 spaces. Please contact for booking and more information.

Group rooms for students:

On level 2 of building 4 and 5 there are around 20 bookable group rooms with space for 6 or 12 people that can be booked in TimeEdit.

Floor plans:

Lecture halls:
Building 5, level 2 (entrance level)

Meeting rooms:
Building 5

Group rooms:
Building 4 and 5, level 2


SLU's central room booking:
Tel: 018-67 20 10

AV-support, SLU
Call 018-67 66 00 2# for support.