For students in VHC

Last changed: 30 May 2016

Below is some practical information about how things work that may be helpful for students who spend some part of their study time in any of the VHC’s buildings.

The entire entrance level inside the main entrance to the VHC is open to students. Opening hours are Monday - Friday 7.30 am to 5.30 pm. Outside these times you can also use your access card to enter other parts of the buildings, depending on which course you are studying at the time.

Inside the entrance doors to the left are two large information screens with today's schedule in the lecture halls, maps over the entrance level of house 4 and 5, today's menus from the restaurants on the campus area, bus schedules and other relevant information about the VHC.

The reception is situated inside the entrance doors to the right, here you can get help with some of your questions.

On the entrance level you will also find a lunch room where you can heat up your packed lunch, as well as a coffee machine and snack dispenser. There is also a café where you can buy lunch. 

In VHC, house 4 third floor, you can also find 'Utbildningsservice VHC' who can help you with service around your courses and examinations. See further information here.

If you have any questions, please contact reception or the service function at the VHC.

Rooms in VHC

There are different types of rooms in VHC that you as a student will use. Below we collect information about these premises. Some facilities you will need to book through our room booking system TimeEdit.

Lecture halls, anatomic teathers and computer labs

In the entrace hall of building 5 you can find the lecture halls Are, Audhumbla, Särimner, Ymer (lab), Dvalin och Ratatosk. In building 4 there is also the anatomic teathers Patologen and Asis.

The VHC has computer labs on the entrance level  of building 5. The large computer labs called Hugin and Munin, which can accommodate 25 people, cannot be booked by students. However, students can book the other group rooms on the entrance level in buildings 5 and 4, se below.

Group rooms

On the entrance level of building 5 and in building 4 there are a number of group rooms that can be booked by students. There is a total of 12 larger group rooms that can accommodate 12 people and have a screen that can be connected to an external computer. There are also 8 smaller group rooms that can accommodate 6 people.

Bookings can be made using TimeEdit, the room booking system.

Rest room

In house 5 on the ground floor there is a rest room that can be used in case of acute illness, by the lecture room Audhumbla, at the end of the corridor.


Phone: 018-67 30 10

Lunch room

On the left-hand side within the main entrance to the VHC  you will find a lunch room for students, which can seat fifty. It is equipped with microwave ovens and fridges. There is also a coffee machine and snack and sandwich dispensers, which accept payment by card.
At the far end of the atrium in building 5 there is also a café where you can buy light refreshments.

The University Animal Hospital section of the building also has a lunch room for students, which can accommodate 28.

Practical information

Access cards

Access to the entrance level of the VHC is controlled by the entrance door opening hours. Access to the rest of the VHC is controlled by access card authorisation. Depending on the course you are enrolled on at the time, you will have access to different parts of the building.

You can read more about the use of access cards on the student web.

Printing and copying

The VHC has printers and copiers that are connected to the SLUPrint system, so you can print and copy using your access card.

On the entrance level in building 5 there is a print and copy room on the right after reception.

You can read more about SLU Print for students here.

Lost property

Lost property can be handed in to reception in the main entrance of building 5, or at reception in the University Animal Hospital small animal reception, and retrieved on providing a description.