Waste sorting

Last changed: 13 January 2022

Waste is sorted into different materials at the VHC in line with SLU’s overall objective of environmental certification for the entire SLU.

At VHC various types of waste is sorted in accordance with municipal regulations and SLU’s environmental management regulations.

Take a look around your surroundings to find the closest waste bins.

The cleaning services and Service VHC are responsible for ensuring that all sorted waste materials are disposed of. To learn more about the waste management within VHC read the waste management routine. General information on waste management within Uppsala Municipality can be found at Uppsala Water’s home page. There one can find a useful waste sorting guide. If you have any questions concerning waste sorting you are welcome to contact Service VHC or the Environmental Coordinator for VHC.

So called risk waste or hazardous, information on management can be found in the waste management routine as well.  

  • In the lunch rooms waste is sorted into compostable waste, combustible waste, paper packages, coloured and clear glass, metal, plastic, broken glass and porcelain, and returnable bottles and cans.
  • In the copying rooms there are bins for waste paper and cardboard.
  • In the office rooms there are “environmental bins” where one can sort combustible waste and waste paper.

This is how it works:

  • The large box is for paper, magazines etc. These you recycle yourself in the post room. The cleaners do not empty this one!  Note that envelopes cannot be recycled!
  • The small box is for small dry waste like post-its, envelopes and sweet wrappers, which cannot be recycled. This is emptied by the cleaners.

Note that the boxes are made from recycled material and that they will be destroyed if they get wet.

Enjoy being the greener you!