Access cards

Last changed: 10 January 2022

Access to the entrance level of the VHC in buildings 4 and 5 is controlled by the opening hours which are the same as for the other buildings on the campus.

At the semesters the doors are open from 7.30 am to 5.30 pm. At late evenings, nights and holidays the doors are beeing locked and the access is controlled by your access card authorisation. You will need your personal keycode.

Access to the rest of the VHC is controlled by access card authorisation.
You can read more about the use of access cards for staff here.

The students also have their access to the buildings controlled by their access card authorisation. It may vary depending on which course they attend at the moment. Student information can be found on the student website.

The reception and Service VHC can help you with loan cards if required.