Fault reporting – service and environmental matters, VHC

Last changed: 07 July 2021
Report faults and requests for service

Below you can submit a report if something is wrong or not working as it should in the building, e.g. lighting, access cards, cleaning, goods, damage, etc. You can also submit requests for service.

NB. Only one matter per report is allowed.

If necessary, Service VHC will forward the matter to the landlord Akademiska Hus or to other central SLU functions.

Emergencies that take place outside regular working hours, before 7am or after 3pm, such as building problems and water leaks, must be reported directly to or landlord Akademiska Hus by phone 010-557 24 00. If you need to contact a security guard outside regular working hours, call 018-67 30 40.

(Swedish only)

Report environmental matters

Report environmental non-conformities and improvement proposals below. The matters will be handled by VHC’s environmental coordinator.

More information on VHC’s environmental work can be found under Environment work in VHC.

(Swedish only)


The status and latest measures for matters that you have personally reported or where you are listed as the contact can be viewed on the Mina ärenden page.