Last changed: 10 January 2022

All of VHC is fitted with burglar alarms in the form of detectors mounted on glass partitions, doors, windows etc. Some detectors are always activated, while some, such as doors, have a timer. When the alarm is about to be activated you will here a warning signal for approximately 1 minute.

Once the alarm has been activated you cannot leave doors open, for example to offload something. If doors are left open, the security company will be notified and the alarm will go off.

Apart from doors, staff can move about the building as usual even when the alarm is active.

The only thing those of us working in the building need to remember is to close all doors properly  and not leave doors fitted with card readers open (with the signal sounding), as this will trigger the alarm.

If the alarm is activated, staff from the security company (Securitas) will come to the building. You can reach the Securitas staff by dialling the extension 3040, or 018-673040.


Securitas Uppsala and Lövsta, urgent matters:
Tel: 018-67 30 40

If not urgent contact:,
tel 018-67 24 00