Service VHC

Last changed: 04 January 2023

Service VHC manages joint service functions in VHC and acts as important support to staff and students. For example, this involves goods reception and some local services. We can also help with services connected to research and teaching.

Our facility manager can answer general questions on what Service VHC does, or refer you to a specific person.

The services provided by Service VHC are divided into standard services for everyone in the building and additional services, specifically agreed services. You can also order extra services from the joint campus service organisation, if there are available resources and the service in question relates to a specific area of expertise. Service VHC is part of the Division of Service, Security and Environment’s service operations.

Other parts of the building’s services are managed by SLU-wide functions such as AV and IT support as well as those responsible for booking rooms. For issues relating to these areas, you can turn to a specific central function. See the contact details on the page in question.

Report faults and requests for service:

Service VHC is responsible for incident and service matters. If necessary, the matters are forwarded to Akademiska Hus, the proprietor. Submit your report under the heading Fault reports.

Service VHC staff:

Do you need to contact someone at Service Alnarp? Presentations and a list of our staff can be found here.

Services included in the Service VHC package are described in the respective boxes below (open with the plus sign):

Central desk

Rounds, collection, dishes, autoclaving and delivery of various lab equipment and media. Service and supplier contact in relation to this equipment.

Service category: Additional service


Gas management

Management and distribution of gas to users. General responsibility for gas.

Service category: Additional service

Goods management and internal transport

Reception in the current goods entrance and internal distribution within the service area related to the consignment in question. Collection station for outgoing special consignments for a forwarding agent.

Service category: Standard service

Coffee services

Agreement management (leasing and service). Supplier contacts.
Consumption is added. Extra coffee services are invoiced.

Service category: Standard service

Kitchen services

In accordance with an agreed-upon and documented standard for the service area. This service has been classed as compulsory at the service areas VHC and Ull in Uppsala. Therefore, it must be considered a standard service.

Service category: Additional service

Onsite services

Traditional campus management, including change of lightbulbs, smaller moving services, internal distribution of e.g. fruit, newspapers, papers, change of locks, etc.

Service category: Standard service

Access card management

Requests and distribution of physical office keys, if available, for internal staff as well as access card management, including authorisation for external contractors.

Service category: Standard service

Waste management (sorted materials)

Emptying of environmental stations and waste vessels as well as removal of waste to rubbish rooms. Local cleaning services.

Service category: Standard service

Laundry service

Collection, labelling, weighing, dropping off, sorting, invoice management, supplier contact.

Service category: Other service

Carcass management – weekdays

Management and removal of carcasses.

Service category: Additional service

Fertiliser management

Daily rounds, service, cleaning and management of blockages, errors and services. Coordination of appropriate suppliers.

Service category: Additional service

Riding stable management

Riding stable and harrowed paddock riding stable management.

Service category: Additional service