Book resources via TimeEdit

Last changed: 21 November 2020

Some departments can book their resources (e.g. rooms or equipments) by themselves via TimeEdit. On this page we show you how to do it.

This is how you do it

  1. Go to SLU's TimeEdit startpage
  2. Go to Staff - portal by clicking the "Staff" - link
  3. Login with your SLU-account
  4. Click on one of the booking pages, e.g. "Room booking - Libraries"
  5. You click in the calendar and choose which time and room you want to book
  6. A dialogue box is then displayed where you can enter a mandatory comment regarding the booking
  7. Finally you click the "Reserve" - button

You can see your own bookings in the table "My bookings" that is shown in the left lower part of the page.

Further information regarding how to make reservations in TimeEdit can be found here.