Book a resource in KronoX

Last changed: 12 October 2018

Two departments and the library can book some of their resources (e.g. vehicles or animals) themselves, just as students can book a group room, in KronoX. On this page we show you how to do it.

Those who can book resources through KronoX are:

  • Department of Clinical Sciences (book the resource vehicles)
  • Department of Urban and Rural Development (atelier)
  • Library (group rooms within the library premises)

This is how you do it

  1. Go to SLU's KronoX page.
  2. Log in.
  3. Click on the Book a resurs tab.
  4. The view below will be displayed, where you can make the actual
  5. To book a room, you click on a time when it is free, i.e. the times
    marked in green.
  6. A dialogue box is then displayed where you can enter a description
    of the booking.

Times that are marked in red, i.e. are booked, show who has made the booking
(AD-name). If the cursor is placed over the booked time,
the text entered by the person who made the booking is displayed.

You can see your own bookings to the right.


Picture of resource booking.

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