Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Last changed: 15 June 2022

Is it mandatory to submit schedule orders via TE Preferences?

It isn't mandatory to submit schedule orders for Autumn semester 2022 via the schedule template in TE Preferences. However, it is a recommendation to use TE Preferences for that purpose as it facilitates booking managament and creates a good overview for the entire booking process, both for those how submit schedule orders and for the bookers. Eventually we will have a complete and updated TimeEdit - schedule for all courses and then there will also be higher requirements that submission and change management process is done uniformly in the system.

An empty page appears when I click on the link to the schedule form. What should I do?

Try opening the schedule form in a browser other than Internet Explorer. Recommended browsers are Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

I haven't received any e-mail with my unique pin code to TE Preferences. What should I do?

If the e-mail isn't in your Inbox, please look in the Trash to see if it hasn't ended up there.

You can also click on the link "Resend pin code" (located in the login box) to get the system to send a new e-mail with your unique pin code.

If none of the e-mail arrives please contact A system administrator can see and send your unique pin code to you so that you can continue to fill in the form.


How do I complete the schedule form?

Instructions for completing the schedule form are contained in the TE Preferences - manual for requesters.

Here is a useful tip when completing the schedule form (regardless of location):

Semester dates

You can find information about the semester dates on this page.

How do I submit schedule order for multiple courses?

Each completed schedule preferences form is valid for a specific course event.

If you need to submit schedule order for several course events, start a completely new instance of the schedule preferences form for each individual course event. For more information see TE Preferences - manual for requesters.

The information about any cross-listed courses needs to be filled in the field "Information till bokarna" that exists for each order row in the form. In that case fill in the course code and registration code for the other course event.

How do I order teaching premises that are located on different campuses?

The schedule forms are campus-specific, which means that you can't select teaching premises from different campuses in the same schedule form.

On the order lines where you wish to book teaching premises across several campuses (e.g. distance education premises), you can do the following:

  1. In the object field "Lokal(er)" select teaching premises located on the current campus
  2. In the free text field "Information till bokarna" write which other teaching premises (on other campuses) you wish to book

I have submitted my schedule order but need to do some changes in it before deadline. What should I do?

Once you have submitted your schedule order, it will be locked for editing.

If you need to do some changes in it before the booking administrators start creating bookings (i.e. before the deadline has passed) you can contact the booking administrators and ask them to unlock your schedule preferences form.

Then you can make your changes and submit the schedule order once again.

How do I know when the schedule bookings are finalised?

When booking administrators have finalised all the schedule bookings for current semester they will send a booking confirmation (by e-mail) to all people that have submitted the schedule preferences. You are then asked to review your schedule to see that everything looks correct. If you find any errors in the schedule please contact booking administrators and specify which changes you would like to make.

Schedules have been finalised and confirmed. How do I make changes in my schedule?

You usually submit your course booking requests well before the start of the course. For that reason, the later changes/updates in the schedule are very common.

You can change the information in the schedule fields "Activity", "Person", "Location", "External teacher", "Title", "Comment" and "Link" on your own. See this manual for more information on how you can edit a schedule in TimeEdit's web interface (TE Viewer).

Change of the information in the other schedule fields (e.g. "Time" and "Room") must be done by the booking administrators. The same applies to cancellations. You contact them and specify which changes in the schedule you would like to make.

I would like to use TimeEdit-schedule for my course. What should I do?

It's possible to have complete, digital course schedule in TimeEdit today and it is already used by some courses.

In order for students to be able to see the TimeEdit schedule for their course, they need to log in to the Student - entrance in TimeEdit's web interface and search for the course schedule there. More information about this can be found on TimeEdit pages on the Student web.

Course coordinators/leaders can add direct links to a TimeEdit course schedule both in each course room in Canvas but also on course pages on the Student web. It is important that these links are taken from the "Course schedule" page in the Student - entrance and not from the Staff - entrance. All SLU staff have access to the "Course schedule" page in the Student - entrance.

For more information about the connection between TimeEdit and Canvas resp. TimeEdit and course pages on the Student web, please contact

Will it be possible to reuse the schedule orders?

Yes, it will be possible to reuse the schedule orders from one booking period to another.

Already today, it is possible to copy a schedule order within the same booking period, but so far you can't do it between two different booking periods.

It's also possible to copy a previously created schedule, but so far this can only be done in the TimeEdit client (TE Core).